Fade in rotation

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Fade in rotation

Postby ruudboon » 19 May 2018, 20:10


I have a dmx controlled mirror ball motor. You can control the speed and rotation in this fixture under beam/rotate.
Is possible to program a fade-in for the speed (Spin CW 0% is fast, Spin CW 100% is slow).
I also noticed that when releasing this playback the last setting will be remembered, you need to program a no-spin to stop it from rotating. Is this also something I can over rule using in a cue?
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Re: Fade in rotation

Postby niclights » 19 May 2018, 20:18

Yes, you can set fade times in cues or palettes as required. Also, if using palettes, you can enter fade times before recalling or with the master palette time.

By default release will return to the the value in the last playback fired that contains relevant controls, otherwise it will go to the default (power on) value. The default for this fixture is 'No Spin'. Make sure the release mask is set to include the attribute group associated with the control.

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