reinstall Titan V8 recovery to the Pearl Expert

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reinstall Titan V8 recovery to the Pearl Expert

Postby chien0721 » 19 Apr 2018, 17:04

I am using a Pearl Expert console with Titan V6 software. Well, the software seemed to be corrupted the other day so I have to reinstall the software by downloading the V8 recovery file from Avolites homepage as Gregory recommended in my other post earlier. I tried to reinstall by using the recovery USB, and both option Full Erase and Standard did I try. The Full Erase went well until there was a window popping up mentioning something about disk corrupt and unreadable. What I am guessing is our SSD (hard disk?) has some problems and it would be better to be replaced with a new one. If I want to buy a new SSD hard disk for the console, what requirement should I be aware of before purchasing? Is there any recommendation for the hard disk? And what should I do after buying a brand new hard disk to reinstall the V8 software?

By the way, our console used to use Crucial V4 SSD.
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Re: reinstall Titan V8 recovery to the Pearl Expert

Postby Gregory » 19 Apr 2018, 19:17

I don't think Crucial V4 SSDs were fitted in consoles, it is possible that the drive was replaced previously. Recently Avolites consoles have generally used Intel SSD which seem to be pretty reliable, for example the 530 Series. The drive should be at least 40 GB in size however ideally 80 GB to ensure that you have enough space in future. After fitting the new drive you should be able to just run the V8 Recovery Stick and it will do all the required formatting and installation of the drive.

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