Froblem Fixture, ML Menu, Efect <> 0

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Froblem Fixture, ML Menu, Efect <> 0

Postby imex » 07 Jan 2018, 23:22

Hi - he writes from Poland and the text is from Google translator. I have a problem with Fixture. I have a PAR LED and when I use the ML Menu & Clear function it does not turn off the Fixture EFECT attribute. Efect remains unchanged, eg 1 (strobo color) As a result, instead of turning off PAR, it blinks with the given effect. I can not put values in Fixture for Clear Function -1 (0), Clear Value -1 (0)
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Re: Froblem Fixture, ML Menu, Efect <> 0

Postby icke_siegen » 08 Jan 2018, 07:21

From what you describe, this is standard behaviour, as this effect channel most likely is an LTP attribute: once changed, it remains like this until it gets a new value. insofar it behaves as like as a colour or position. if you want to use this effect, you either familiarize yourself with release, or you make sure you have a palette available with this effect off.
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Re: Froblem Fixture, ML Menu, Efect <> 0

Postby niclights » 08 Jan 2018, 10:42

I am slightly confused by the details. As far as I am aware there is no Clear function in the ML Menu. Since you orginally posted this in the Macros section of the forum I wonder if there is a 'clear' macro in the fixture personality file? This is certainly possible although I'm not sure how useful. The syntax in the macro step should be <attribute ID>:<function ID>:(<function level>). So, for example, if you have an attribute called 'Effect' that also has the attribute ID 'Effect' and its first function turns the effect off and is set to 'Text Only' then the string in the first step of the clear macro woudl be Effect:1.

I also notice you mention 'Clear Function -1, Clear Value -1'. These are legacy attribute properties and no longer used in Titan.

As well as release other options might be mode 2 (fade by fader) or hold CLEAR/[Clear Options]/[Release to Playback Values]

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