Pearl 2004 key

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Pearl 2004 key

Postby paspartu1974 » 10 Jun 2006, 10:44

Hi everyone!

After a show I wqas running, someone took the key (system-run-program) from the avo.
Where can I find one?
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Postby niclights » 10 Jun 2006, 12:11

There should have been a spare sold with the desk. Otherwise you can get direct from Avo or through your lighting supplier.
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Postby LD Andy » 09 Jul 2006, 18:01

Thats why gaff tape a spare inside the console.
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Postby clublights » 14 Jul 2006, 07:45

I keep one in the desk and one on my keychain

after havingit "fall out" right before a one off programming session I learned my lesson .

I can not rememebrthe cost but it is not high .. worth the extra to KNOW I have one wirh me always.
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Postby Mystic » 14 Jul 2006, 09:35

The key is replaced by a three position switch on my pearl2000. If i want to lock it from others i use the lock desk function with pincode. :)
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Postby kay » 08 Sep 2006, 14:37

For me it got so frustrated that i attached a small thin metal wire to the key and secure how mr bean attaches his keys to his pants. :wink:
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Re: Pearl 2004 key

Postby xeonwzh » 11 Sep 2006, 16:49

paspartu1974 wrote:Hi everyone!

After a show I wqas running, someone took the key (system-run-program) from the avo.
Where can I find one?
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Postby paspartu1974 » 23 Sep 2006, 15:21

Thanks everyone for the replies...

The thing is that the desk was bought used with one single key..

Without a key I have to use a screw driver to switch functions.
I found my way to re patch everything.
Dealers in Greece are waiting over 2 months now and no key has arrived.

Does anyone know a shop or something in Europe that can post keys?

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Postby Beaker » 26 Dec 2006, 18:30

Avo website direct?
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