Azure Snapshot - What does it store?

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Azure Snapshot - What does it store?

Postby light-o-matic » 11 Mar 2006, 18:23

I've never used the snapshot feature. Now today I'm working on a film shoot where I will want to "bookmark" specific moments.

What exactly does the snapshot save? Is it just static dmx values or does it save shapes, bring back chases etc? I won't have my console in front of me until later when I'm doing the job :(

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Postby iadwm » 12 Mar 2006, 16:08

Not a function I have ever used...but as I understand's a capture of DMX values at the time you press the button, logged by time and date.
So shapes are not stored; only the Pan and Tilt levels at the time of record. Only fixtures with an active dimmer channel are recorded.

When you recall a snapshot, the data is loaded into the programmer and you can then edit and save what you want.

That is relevant to the Pearl, I'm assuming it's the same for the Azure.
If you haven't already, download the manual and check.. :wink:



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