Shape effect masters Quartz

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Shape effect masters Quartz

Postby Avljud » 09 Mar 2016, 10:51


I would like to have 4 different playbacks as masters. Two playbacks will be BPM masters to control the shape effect speed - one for LED cans and one for moving heads. And the other two masters will be either Size or Offset - one for LED cans and one for moving heads.
Is this possible? Or any other ideas?
I would like to be able to change everything live in an easy way since I don't know what's coming and the set up time is short.

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Re: Shape effect masters Quartz

Postby niclights » 09 Mar 2016, 11:46

There are four BPM masters. Control is assigned on a per playback basis. If you want to separate speed control into two sets of fixtures in a single playback I would suggest creating two separate playbacks with speed source as BPM1/BPM2 respectively and then autoload both in a cuelist with a single cue (probably with [Fader Mode Intensity Kill at 0] and [Fire First Cue Enabled]).

Size and Offset masters are currently not possible. There might be some things coming in the next version that help. I wouldn't like to say. But until there are you can assign size to faders.

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