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Licensing Tips, FAQ's and notes

Postby Ric » 24 Jul 2014, 16:31

Titan Licensing FAQ’s including “Dongle Not Found”

Dongle Not Found
The message “Dongle Not Found” after installing Titan version 7.4 or above is probably because you have not upgraded your panel firmware, a warning is shown about this in Titan Health Check, but this is sometimes missed, please power cycle your console and look for a titan Health Check Message.
You can also check to see if panel firmware needs to be upgraded, and upgrade if necessary, by following the instructions in FAQ's 10030 and 10031 which can be found here: ... ation/faqs

You may also find this video useful:

the video explains the Licensing process and how to upgrade panel firmware.

There have been improvements to the web form and application process since this video was made:

1 You will receive a confirmation email as soon as a Full licence application is made. This also contains the 14 day licence so you will be up and running immediately you apply for a licence.

2 Photographs are not required for a Titan Mobile

3 If you don’t have a login when you apply for a licence you can create a user as part of the application process.

If you do not receive an email from Avolites immediately following a Full Licence request please check your Junk email box, if you still cannot find the email then contact us immediately by emailing with the serial number of your console, or phoning our support team on +44 208 965 8522 9am to 5pm BST Monday to Friday, we can confirm that the application has been received and if necessary re send the email.

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