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diamond 4 simulator

Posted: 20 Apr 2004, 02:42
by aranajoseluis
hello, my name is jose luis arana from mexico
i have Martin Show Designer , and i have a diamond 4 desk, but i dont now how i can do for use the simulator of diamond 4 in my laptop

i download the files but i can see only the buttons and front of desk in jpg.

thanks for your help.

Posted: 26 Apr 2004, 15:07
by Chris Steel
Hi Jose,

Did you read the download instructions for the D4 desktop?

Are you running windows XP as it only runs on this.

If you cant get it to work email me direct and I will help you.

To run it with the show designer you will need to purchase a license key from the web shop

Posted: 26 Apr 2004, 18:38
by John Huson
Just curious as to why the D4 Simulator only runs on XP? I run Windows 2000 and would of expected it to work on both, as they are both NT based operating systems. What has XP got that 2000 hasn't?

Posted: 01 Jul 2004, 14:13
by Evolution_Mark
John Huson wrote:What has XP got that 2000 hasn't?

Pretty windows, lol.

Seriously though - it seems short sighted to not do a build of software for 2000 as it is really the current business OS. Many are still on NT4!