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Pearl 2004 roller

Postby eskimak » 11 Jul 2005, 23:44

I'm a novice Pearl 2004 user, so please excuse me for possibly foolish question.

Is it possible to run simultanously more chases (memories), which are on different roller pages but in same playback fader?
If not, what is a common "strategy" for storing memories (chases) into the different pages of roller? How shall I know that memory stored for examle in page A playback 1 will not be suitable to use together with memory stored in page B playback 1??? So in Pearl I have in fact only 15 playback?

Thank You very much for Your answer.

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Postby Proto_Cool » 12 Jul 2005, 10:43

Yes, yes. Your suspicion is absolutely right. You can only manage fifteen playbacks at the same time.

So, strategy is a bit of your own memory when programming ...

Good luck. :wink:
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Postby eskimak » 13 Jul 2005, 23:32

OOOO no.... :o
...that's what I was trembled for... :cry:

it comes to me a little bit strange, now I'm not sure about "technique of using this console", maybe someone could gime me some tips&tricks 8)

but Thank You for info...
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Postby niclights » 14 Jul 2005, 01:42

One of the great things about the Pearl is the flexibility in how you program. There are many ways to achieve the same end result.
The way you program the console may depend on what you are using it for, ie. Touring, Theatre, Club etc.

Patching is very important and cannot be changed without loosing programmed information. Spend time getting this right. Consider fixtures that maybe you do not need to program which can be controlled by the presets instead. I find it most valuable to keep all fixtures on the same (fixture) page where possible.

Beyond that it is totally down to your needs and abilities and ultimately experience is the key.

My only tips with playbacks would be to keep them reasonably consistent across pages, ie. you could have one half controlling generics and the other controlling intelligents etc.

For real flexibility use 'record by channel' in combination with palettes.

Have fun!
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Postby iadwm » 25 Jul 2005, 00:28

Eskimak, it's not a foolish question at all - I asked the same thing when I first started using Pearl. And the answer was the same then as it is now and has been previously stated.

By making full use of palette's you can 'free up' playbacks. Don't forget you can put ANY attribute into a palette- strobe rates -gobo rotate speeds - etc etc. If you don't need to have them on a fader then don't.

Also, if you keep dimmer channels completely separate (by using <record by channel> you can then make full use of the FLASH and SWAP buttons when the desk is in RUN-NORMAL mode. But be aware, you have to be in RUN-TAKEOVER mode to use palettes. You should play around with these modes and get use to moving between them.

(because we never use run a show with desk in program mode, do we?)

Hope this helps,


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