Pearl 2004 Dumps Preset Fader values while Clearing other Pa

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Pearl 2004 Dumps Preset Fader values while Clearing other Pa

Postby MichSuS » 07 Mar 2005, 22:01

So if i have conventional channels up on the preset faders on page 0 (not in the programmer, just up), and am programming movers on page 1, all the conventional channels are dumped when i press clear on page 1 and the room goes dark. Anyone else have this problem?
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Postby niclights » 08 Mar 2005, 01:36

Well known 'feature' (and the most problematic IMO!)
I have been pushing for a change to this for some time.

AFAIK in 2000 soft pressing [clear] would swap the fader values to the relevant fixtures on the new page, though it is hard to imagine why you would want that.
In 2004 this has been changed to just kill the faders. This has the unfortunate side-effect of not allowing you to restore output by returning to the originating page (and pressing [clear])

I am still struggling to understand why anyone would want this.

I am interested in peoples opinions on this.
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I agree -- what is the deal?

Postby MichSuS » 08 Mar 2005, 22:18

I can't imagine why anybody would want that either. It is very problematic in spaces where we are controlling all of the ambient lighting as well as creating looks for the stage -- often people are focusing at the same time as the programmer is working, necessitating constant movement of the preset faders that prohibits putting all the needed conventional channels on playbacks.
What good does it do to kill all the channels?
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Postby CoenCo » 09 Mar 2005, 00:31

yup, same problem here.
I'd like to have the possibilty to be able to set those dimmer faders individually to different "modes"

some kind of "LTP" or "keep after clear" mode:
if you set something, and move to another page, it stays the way it is, even If I move the fader or press clear. To change a value I have set I need to switch to the page it is on, and first move the fader to the value it is currently at. (I think this is the old way)
.. this mode is usefull for say: houselights, deco

some kind of "HTP" or "drop after clear" mode:
this is what the 2004 does now I believe. it acts like the LTP mode, but if I press clear all channels are set to 0. this is usefull for say: blinders, ACL, key-lights

or am I talking jibberish now??
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Postby iadwm » 26 Mar 2005, 14:29

CoenCo wrote:or am I talking jibberish now??

Not at all - I completely agree...

Some <clear> options would be <clear> ALL or <clear> THIS PAGE ONLY.


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