Titan v6: update cue and release cue

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Titan v6: update cue and release cue

Postby (iCe) » 25 Oct 2012, 08:35


I must admit that I haven't been here in a while and I haven't been following what's going on in Avo land. Or in lighting land for that matter. So these questions come from one or our designers wanting to know "hey, can I do that?". My apologies if stuff has already been answered before.

1. Update cue in a cue list

Ok. So you've programmed a cue list and you're running it in a rehearsal. The director asks you to boost the front lights a bit, so you turn those up by 20%. Now you want to update the current cue in the active cue list, how would you do that? We noticed it's possible to select movers, select a different pallet and use the "Update" softkey to update the cue. But the same doesn't seem to apply to conventional dimmers.

What would be best (in our opinion) is making changes, pressing record and having the option "Update Live cue" or something like that; which would merge the programmer contents with the active cue. When more then one cue is active, pressing Update Live Cue could be followed by the instruction to select one of the active cue lists.

I know it's possible by opening up the cue list, selecting the right cue, etc., but that's not real user friendly.

2. Releasemask for cue in cue list

As there is a release mask for single cues, there doesn't seem to be one for cues in a cue list? Only an overall setting for the entire cue list. That would be great addition as well.
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Postby EmmaThompson » 26 Oct 2012, 15:03

Hey, hope this helps:

1 - if you're on an Expert or TT, with the cue running, make the change (ie set dimmers to 20%), then press 'Rec Step' once, gives you the option to merge/replace/insert, press twice will auto merge. On Mobile/ST, press 'Record' then 'Connect/Cue' to do the same command.

2 - interesting, how would you want this to work?
Emma Thompson
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Postby (iCe) » 29 Oct 2012, 19:22

Hi Emma,

I'd want it to work like it works with single cues. Suppose you've got a LED fixture and it's blue. You open up a playback and the fixture turns red. Now you lower the playback and due to the release mask, the fixture goes blue again.

Now take a cue list in which the cues release color as well. You program the following:

cue1: fixture 1 red
cue2: fixture 2 red

Nothing more, nothing less... Now set the fixtures to blue and playback the clue list; this would give you:

begin: all blue
cue1: fixture 1 red, fixture 2 blue
cue2: fixture 1 blue (released), fixture 2 red
end: all blue again

Do this in white and you have a color bump to white which can be overlayed on whatever color you're running at that moment. So would be nice for chases as well as cuelists.

As for your first suggestion, I'll check that out!
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Postby (iCe) » 30 Oct 2012, 20:34

Hello Emma,

We tried and seem to have found the problem. For updating, it seems to matter if the fixture is already in the cue or not. In our example, we tried adding some additional front lighting which was not in the cue list before. In that case, updating is not possible since your not changing any values from the cue, but values which aren't in the cue at all.

If you have the same fixtures in the cue list, at 0% for instance, they're recorded and thus can be updated as well. It would be nice if you could do all (updating, adding new, cancelling old) with one function key without thinking. That option should just update the current cue to match the live output, whatever changes have been made to whatever fixture. Would we acheive that by double pressing rec step?
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Postby Gregory » 31 Oct 2012, 12:19


The Update function is designed to update the playback or palette where the value was originally recorded. The idea being that with a playback or several playbacks fired creating a look on stage if you wish to tweak the positions pressing update will make the change to the playback that set the position in the first place. In cue lists it will change the cue that the attribute value was tracked from. You should always use record to add more information to a cue selecting the merge option from the menu or pressing the 'Connect/Cue' button twice.

Update = change existing value
Record (merge) = add new values

With the values turned off in the programmer you could use either update or record to remove them from a cue.

Hope this helps.

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Postby (iCe) » 31 Oct 2012, 19:33

Hi Gregory,

it all starts to make sense now. Guess I have too little hands on experience with this stuff.

Let's see if I now get it. Suppose you're running a cue list with some movers. You apply a pallet to the movers for a certain position. You go on programming a bunch of scenes (with other positions).

Now you start a new rehearsal and go through your cues. A few cues later, you notice one of the movers isn't where you want it to be. So you change it's position. If I understand correctly you now have these options:
- Update: the pallet will be changed to match the new position. This means when running the cuelist again, the mover will get it's new position everytime that pallet it used (even if it's later on).
- Record / merge: the position attributes will be merged with the current cue, leaving the pallet alone. This decouples the mover from it's pallet position from that cue on, meaning a change in the pallet won't be reflected.

It's good to have both options, but for programmers I find it rather confusing. You really have to know which one you want to pick, remembering if the current position was based on a pallet or not and if you actually want to change that pallet. That said, I wouldn't know a better way to do it either. Perhaps the naming could be improved, "Update" does sound a lot like "update my programming to resemble what I'm seeing". Which is obviously not true when you're adding new front lights to a cue list.

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