Getting ACDI 4 Winamp Plug-in

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Getting ACDI 4 Winamp Plug-in

Postby roadrunner » 28 Dec 2004, 18:43

I have been using theWinamp Plug-in with the Diamond 4 simulator and absolutely love it. Really great to be able to trigger video and vis.

The only thing now is to get it working with my Pearl. I believe I need ACDI but can not find anywhere to download it on your site.
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Postby niclights » 28 Dec 2004, 22:43

ACDI is available from this page:
(which was on the page you linked in your post! :lol: )

This is of course not required if you are using the simulator.

I have never used this and so cannot confirm it works, but it should!


PS Note to Olie - The link to the Winamp site from the plugin page is a bit wonky...
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Postby roadrunner » 29 Dec 2004, 10:13

Oops, my bad :oops:

I wasnt expecting it to be that easy!

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