Shape generator in chase of pearl 2004

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Shape generator in chase of pearl 2004

Postby Mcyf12 » 12 Dec 2004, 16:55

Hi, i hv NOT yet installed the new software version of pearl 2004(Version 1). But a fren of mine figured out a method to record shapes in chase steps. Is tt possible on the original version?
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Postby niclights » 12 Dec 2004, 18:05

Hi, I guess that answers my question in your other post !

No. But it does work very well in 2004 - there are two ways you can make use of it - either have a chase (dimmer / colour etc) running over the top of a shape, ie. a one-fader-does-all, or you can actually chase the shapes themselves.

I highly recommend upgrading. I have used it almost daily on all types of show without problems. There are one or two bugs, but these are dwarfed by the bugs fixed from the previous versions. Most of them are rather obscure and I doubt you would be affected.


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