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Migrating a Show from Mobile to Pearl

Posted: 10 Apr 2012, 21:29
by CSmithDesign
I'm going to be pre-programming a show on my mobile and then migrating that show to a Pearl Expert Titan and I'm wondering how that's actually going to work:

How will my pages show up on the Pearl? If I have 10 pages programmed with most (if not all) of the faders being used on each page, how is this going to translate to the pearl? Will it fill up faders 1-80 before going to the next page, or will it translate the pages exactly?

Also, what happens to the executor buttons (I use all 20) and the playbacks I have stored in the playbacks window?

Thank you in advance.

Posted: 10 Apr 2012, 21:58
by niclights
Crossloading playback masters will translate as follows:

PE Roller A 1A = TM/TT Page 1
PE Roller B 1A = TM/TT Page 2
PE Roller A 1B = TM/TT Page 3
PE Roller B 1B = TM/TT Page 4
PE Roller A 2A = TM/TT Page 21
PE Roller B 3J = TM/TT Page 60

Or, in other words, beginning from TM/TT Page 1, odd page numbers are the left roller on PE, even are the right. These work up through the roller facets until you reach page 21 where we return to facet A and move to roller page 2.

Executor buttons can be found in Show Library (filter assigned playbacks) as 'Static Playbacks'. Assign to new handles by selecting source in the show library followed by the destination handle.

Anything in windows will stay the same as there is no difference between consoles. The only thing you need to worry about are physical handles. Remember that you can always use the Simulator to check and edit.

Posted: 02 Jun 2012, 01:12
Same question for moving a show to a D4 from a mobile?

Posted: 02 Jun 2012, 01:20
by niclights
Actually I'm not sure if this is possible. D4 development has ceased. Files from newer versions of Titan are not backwards compatible, so even if the d4 is running Titan it might be too old. I'll ask Simon if I get a chance.

Posted: 02 Jun 2012, 01:28
OK. Please let me know ASAP as I have a D4 titan spec'd for a gig and am off to pre preprogram in a few days.

Posted: 02 Jun 2012, 01:42
by niclights
Unfortunately I probably won't be able to get you an answer until Weds earliest. Long weekend - something about the Queen...

If it does work IIRC there is no automatic mapping and you assign everything to handles manually.

If required there's always the 24hr emergency phone numbers.

Posted: 02 Jun 2012, 01:48
ok. Thanks, I will check to see if they still have the Expert available. And an artnet to DMX adapter to get ahold of my 5th universe. :shock:

Posted: 02 Jun 2012, 05:27
Fortunately I will be able to use a pearl expert for this one now, but am still curious as to why avo is not supporting D4s anymore. You would think that if it is upgradable to titan that it would be able to be used across the platform with all of the other titan desks.......

Posted: 02 Jun 2012, 10:44
by niclights
I think that's the best solution and would be my choice.
I don't know the details behind the decision other than to focus exclusively on the 'touch' range (PE/TT/TM/ST). If you're not familiar with d4 Titan it is quite different - there are no workspaces for one. If you are from a TM/PE background then it would probably be a difficult transition.
That's not to say it won't be supported, potentially with bug fixes. But without software development I can't see how files will be compatible.

Posted: 06 Jun 2012, 18:05
by EmmaThompson
We do still support the D4, but we are no longer developing the software for it. The market the D4 was aimed at is basically the same market we are targeting the Sapphire Touch at, and the ST is designed around the Titan UI, so you get the same user experience whether you are using the Mobile, TT, Expert or ST.