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Titan Feature Requests

Posted: 06 Aug 2010, 19:07
by niclights

Titan Feature Requests

    Please post any Titan software requests here.
    Try to keep requests clear with just one request per post and avoiding duplicates.

    To ensure this thread is useful it is important to refrain from any conversation here. Please start new topics if you have any queries or would like to discuss ideas.
    From time to time I will clean up the thread and mark items that have been implemented.

Numeric groups in record chase/list

Posted: 06 Aug 2010, 19:12
by niclights

originally posted by SL:

  • When making a chase or cuelist you can`t select your groups using the numeric keyboard at the desk. Is it possible to do that, without pressing exit after each step and then select your group?
    I know i can make a pallette for the groups, but it`s not my favorite way to select a group, because i want to keep all my parameterpallettes at 1 page (and i use often all 60...)
implemented (numeric/softkey A or numeric/GROUP)

Palette release

Posted: 06 Aug 2010, 19:13
by niclights

originally posted by (iCe):

  • It would be nice if there was something like a temporary pallet. What I mean is a pallet that is applied, but also released when you're done with it.

    Application is mostly solo faders for artists on stage. This has been mentioned here before and I know there is a perfectly well working solutions with playback faders & priority, but hear me out :)

    The problem I've got with those is that I don't have a good way of programming the playbacks. Suppose you've got eight band members on stage, and you want to have a solo for each one of them. What do you do? You've got two options:
    - Use one playback fader and program every one of them onto a different section of the roller. Works, but is a bit slow when you need the 8th one when you're working on the first section.
    - Program them all next to each other. Works; but you'll probably reuse the same faders for other stuff. And just when the guitarist hits his solo; you've got a chase running on that particular fader. Damn...

    So wouldn't it be great if you could program a pallet with pan/tilt position and colour white and get all your movingheads to that location (cancelling out movements) with just a button press?

    Then there's the question of how to release it. I though of that too. You could just provide a setting which releases the pallet after releasing the button. Works, but locks up one hand during the solo. There could also be a "pallet to programmer" option which inserts the pallets values to the programmer. That way; clearing the programmer would automatically release the pallet values. Third way; AVO+pallet to release the pallet values when applied. Not sure if there are any downsides on that.

    And lastly, overriding the shape gen could be done by priority setting; where a pallet with pan/tilt info of greater priority cancels out any lower priority effects running. This would have to be a setting on the pallet I guess, since you'd normally may not want this to happen (or could you just leave the pallet priority at normal?).

    So, though I'm not yet sure about the implementation, I am thinking this is a good idea for such situations. Saves playback faders for things you actually need playback faders for.

dev note - a way to apply palette(s) to selected fixture(s) and be able to return to previous state when done (ie. fixtures/group -> position palette/white palette for solo until solo complete then back to previous position/colour). A/B programmer?

merged subsequent similar post:
(iCe) wrote:How about a release mask for pallets? That way you could create strobe buttons which make the fixtures strobe as long as their pressed and return to their original values once release. This would be a very simple but powerfull option in my opinion.

Timed shape independent of size on fader

Posted: 06 Aug 2010, 19:14
by niclights

originally posted by SL:

  • Request for shape (size) to fade in without assigning to fader.
implemented. timed fade in (and out) of shapes now works independently of size on fader options and seems to co-exist with fade modes ok

Cue release

Posted: 06 Aug 2010, 19:36
by niclights

  • Autoload for chases. Purpose is for wheel control of speed which is not possible in cue-lists. However, ultimately the real reason for this request was to cheat the 'mode 2 in chases'. Implementing that or a similar solution may negate this.
implemented (Playback Options/Cue Release).

Apply selection pattern to fixture order.

Posted: 06 Aug 2010, 19:40
by niclights

originally posted by (iCe):

  • I LOVE the fixture selection patterns. They save me tons of work I used to use groups for. Could such a thing also be used to quickly create a fixture order. For instance, I want to create a 1 to 3 color bump. I can now use fixture overlap to create a two step chase and apply the color bump with the correct group. But to set the fixture order, I need to manually edit it. It would be great if I could apply the same fixture patterns to the fixture order.

Release to palette

Posted: 06 Aug 2010, 19:41
by niclights

originally posted by (iCe):

  • First, I wonder how I should make use of release masks. When I'm busking a show, I extensively use pallets to create looks on stage. So I select some fixtures, apply a position pallet followed by a colour pallet. Now I have a solo fader which takes two of the movingheads, moves them to center stage in white to light up the guitar player. Solo is over and I want those heads to return to there previous position once again.
    I know I can use mode 2 to achieve this, but I thought that mode 2 became irrelevant with the coming of release masks. I tried using the release mask to release colour / position information, but releasing seems to work for just playbacks; correct? When I activate a pallet, start a playback and then release it; head will return to locate values instead of pallet values. This makes the release mask for playback a lot less interesting since you cannot be sure the stage returns to the look you had setup (if you used pallets to get there).
implemented (RELEASE/[Release to Home=Disabled])

Connect wheels to overlap

Posted: 06 Aug 2010, 19:54
by niclights

originally posted by (iCe):

  • I played around with the overlap functions for chases a bit. It's great, but it would be even better when that stuff could be controlled via the wheels as done with the shape gen. And for the second wheel; a phase offset could be added. Offcourse that wouldn't be an actual phase offset, but perhaps it could shuffle the fixture order to get more random effects (i.e. not the straight offset offered now). A softkey could be used to switch wheel function.

Disable palette paging (PE)

Posted: 06 Aug 2010, 19:59
by niclights

originally posted by (iCe):

  • Is there a way to disable pallet paging? I had some LED fixtures patched to the second page and got caught up programming the wrong stuff of the wrong page a few times. On the 2004 I usually disabled pallet paging to prevent this from happening, but that options seems to be lost.

Even spread (shapes)

Posted: 06 Aug 2010, 20:03
by niclights

(originally requested by ChiekuRs and (iCe))

  • Shapes - shortcut to even spread. Simplest implementation would be rotate spread wheel anticlockwise from '1' to 'even' as per Classic. Also shortcuts to other spreads.

(iCe) wrote:Perhaps some other softbuttons could be added to acheive fast programming (some even / odd effects or setting the shape spread across fixture groups: fix 1-4 same, fix 5-8 with 50% offset, etc.). Hell, setting the spread could become a completely new menu item on it's own

Colour picker on fixed colour wheel

Posted: 06 Aug 2010, 20:37
by niclights

originally posted by (iCe):

  • The colourpicker now only work for CMY / RGB fixtures, right? Is there a way to include fixtures with a colour wheel in that feature? I.e. pressing yellow would set CMY and RGB to yellow but also select yellow on the colour wheel of spot fixtures. This means you'd have to map the colours on the wheel to a certain range of the colour picker in the personality file, but it would greatly improve programming. Now you have to both select a colour on spot fixtures and use the colour picker for the rest.
One problem I see is how it knows when to use the fixed wheel and when not. The majority of colour mixing fixtures also have a fixed wheel and you would not want the picker to apply to both.


Colour/gobo preview in HUD

Posted: 06 Aug 2010, 20:38
by niclights

originally posted by (iCe):

  • It would be great if the colour which was selected in the picker would be shown as a little preview on the pallet button. I've seem this on the competitions consoles and that makes selection a lot easier. Combined with previous request it would be awesome.
    Same could go for gobo's, but that would mean you'd have to include a sample icon of each gobo of a fixture into the personality. And perhaps even an editor for those companies (myself included) who decide the stock gobo's arent cool enough.
#61179 (gobo)

Chase snap

Posted: 31 Jan 2011, 12:15
by Danny Middelburg

original post by Danny Middelburg:

  • When I make a Cuelist or chase, I normally could stop it with the stop button and then control it manually with the Next en previous (<- and ->) buttons.
    It would react nice and thidy. But when i do this in Titan v4.0 it reacts slowly and it has got a lot of latency.
implemented v10 user settings chase snap

Tracking (ala graphics tablet)

Posted: 23 Feb 2011, 15:45
by chonchon

  • Tracking mode with the touch wing replacing the graphic tablet of the classic pearl

Freezing in run mode

Posted: 23 Feb 2011, 22:05
by (iCe)

  • The new freezing attributes / fixtures option is great, but why hide it in patch so you can only use it in program mode? I'm aware that you can quite easily work live in program mode these days with the key profiles, but it would be nice to be able to lock fixtures live too.
    Suppose you're running a gig, band is on stage and already playing. A band has an attribute or something which you want to put a temporary light on. You don't want to sacrifice one of your playback you've already programmed. Would be nice to take a moving head, position and color it and then freeze it in that position untill you manually unfreeze it again. It should also stop responding to programmed shapes etc, not sure if the current freeze function does that?
implemented via @keys or by touching the connected wheel display