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MOS fawzie
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Link page change

Postby MOS fawzie » 16 Aug 2014, 07:41

  • Global Page change on Expert Touch.
    when select page 1 on fixture window, all page 1 of Groups, Colours, Gobos and Beams. Positions to selected ...
    when select page 2 on fixture window, all page 2 of Groups, Colours, Gobos and Beams. Positions to selected ...
    as so no page 3,............

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Prevent spread wraparound

Postby StijnS » 23 Aug 2014, 16:00

  • In the Shape Generator, when you spin the spread encoder, at the end it will overflow from 3600 back to 1. Other attributes just stop at their upper boundary, and you need to spin them in the other direction to get back at the lower boundary. Can you remove the overflowing behaviour of the spread encoder?

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Amber White effect support

Postby danhoff » 04 Oct 2014, 23:54

  • With the overflowing abundance of LED fixtures that now have colors other than RGB, it would be really quite nice to be able to run shapes on, say, just the amber or white cells of a fixture. (without having to hand-edit any xml files!)
    Similarly, it would be great to be able to take advantage of these parameters in, say, the pixel mapper!
implemented (amber and white shapes have been added and are incorporated in the colour picker models, including for pixel map effects)
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Postby StijnS » 19 Oct 2014, 15:54

  • Connect a BPM master to the wheels in order to precisely set it's BPM. A bit like connecting a chase that's running without speed master. #23911
  • Function to phase sync all chases that are running on the same BPM master. #62762
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Group master key profiles

Postby istrateo » 23 Dec 2014, 12:54

  • Set the Grey Key of a Group Master to act as Flash instead of Select.

    merged subsequent related post:

    ChrisLIT wrote:i second this request. in fact maybe just allow a key profile to be set. Ie i would like the swop as select and the flash as flash.
    zeke wrote:Flash button for Group Masters. Now both blue and grey buttons are 'Select keys'
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Postby FranzTheSaint » 16 Feb 2015, 21:25

  • When updating (merging) a cue i would like the option: Track forward Y/N ? Extremely irritating when you're live editing or doing lot's of changes not to be able to decide if added info should track or not. As it is now the option is only for the whole cue. implemented
  • Autoscroll previous window! If for example you got 30 fast ques you want that. implemented (I think?)
  • A new output window that shows current output of all channels and current values, palettes etc. implemented v10 intensity view
  • Make Shapes track. implemented v10
  • Expanded Cue-list view with graphic that shows in/out, delay & FCB-times. Could be visible only for next cue up.
  • Search/Track function. Example| choose ch 48, track. Opens spreadsheet of all cues with this ch/fixture. possibility to edit ch/fixture/level/colur.. here. #62805
  • Set autoload level. Fader up 75% or something. #53771
  • Refresh-button. Press to restore to recorded value with tracked param and all.
  • A quicker way to set times live when running cues. Like: Press 4, live time. set's immediately a 4 sec timing to current step.
  • Make Stop-button Go Back on second press for connected cuelist. #53772 (rejected)
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Postby emoreth » 27 Feb 2015, 02:29

  • (auto toggle mode) Since it appears that entering a fade time for any attribute in a playback apparently causes it to run a timed transition instead of fading to the fader (even when it's in fade mode 2), could you make entering a fade time in the cue data cause any cue set to fade mode 2 to change to 0 or 1 automatically?
  • (default fade mode) How about making it possible to set a default fade mode for saving cues? I can't even count the number of times I've had to hit Edit Times > Fade mode > Fade mode while programming, or the (significant but smaller) number of times someone has forgotten that when creating a new cue, and -- surprise, the backdrop LEDs just snapped to bright pink in the middle of a slow song!
    I know not everyone uses fade mode 2, but it's very useful for busking and it would be great to see it become easier to use and have a more understandable relationship to the timing features introduced in recent versions. #62806
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Postby DMX » 25 Mar 2015, 01:50

  • Undo really needs to be expanded outside of the programmer. It's crazy that if I erase a cue I can't undo it! Please, please, please improve undo functionality.
implemented v10

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Postby DMX » 28 Mar 2015, 21:00

  • The ability to use a release time on mode 2 and mode 3 playbacks. bug #19443
  • Highlight function when setting up group/shape fixture orders. #62807
Last edited by DMX on 29 Mar 2015, 19:45, edited 2 times in total.
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Macro improvements

Postby DMX » 28 Mar 2015, 22:58

  • (link by macro number) I feel that the macro links feature is really clunky right now. It would be nice if I had the option to just type a macro number into the macro field in a cue list. #62808
  • (link macro to single cue playbacks) Further, there should be a macro field available on a normal playback rather than just a cue list. #62809
  • (record macro directly to cue) I'd also like to see the ability to record a macro directly in the field rather than having to link a macro. For example, if I had a strobe effect toggle that I want to release when I bring up a fader playback, I would like to be able to just enter 'release macro 5' into the field rather than having to record a macro and then link it. This gets into a whole different topic of access to a macro syntax, which would be so much easier to deal with than the current key press method. #62810
  • (view/edit macro) I'm hoping someday the command line gets opened up a bit. It takes a long time to program the simplest macros right now, and not having the option to edit them once recorded is frustrating. #24284
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Text and scribble simultaneously

Postby burgi » 11 Apr 2015, 00:13

  • I think it would be very handy, if the buttonlabeling would not be either picture (artwork) or textual labeling, but both of them. The reason for this is, I really like to use the "Active Playback" window on live-shows, especially within DJ performances and shows when I don't actually know whats going on next, to keep track of my show. But this only works good if I used only button labels in the textual way, when using pictures/artwork the "Active Playback" window gets useless to me. Thus, as I really like expressive icons, I would really like to see either that you can label buttons in both ways at the same time, or that the "Active Playbacks" windows shows the picture / artwork I used for them.

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Display current fader level

Postby burgi » 19 Apr 2015, 18:34

  • I really appreciate the new option to use the [Never Hold] behaviour for playback paging on non motorised fader consoles like the Titan Mobile or the Tiger Touch. But it would be very welcome, if there would be a graphic indication of the actual value of the fader position on the current page. I'm thinking of a bargraph indication like used for the Speedmaster faders for example. As it is really tough to match the right value to regain control over a playback after changing the page, if there is no indication at all. Especially when using with movement cues and fade mode 2 this sometimes results in very unpretty and unwanted moving speed bouncing.

    merged related post:
    danhoff wrote:Tweak the Static Playbacks view (or HUD) to show actual fader values, i.e. for Static faders on Tiger Touch, if I assign a BPM master to one of them, I have no way of seeing what its current value (in BPM) is on the screen, unlike if I assign it to a regular (below screen) fader.
    DMX wrote:Visual feedback for fader levels and and current playback level now that we can hold playbacks on other pages.

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Postby DMX » 25 Apr 2015, 03:22

  • (insert key frame) It would be great if I could record intermediate key frames while building key frame shapes. For example, if I have 10 different positions and I want to add one in the middle, I'd love the ability to record a new key frame at 5.5. This action could just shift key frames 6 through 10 to 7 through 11 and make the 5.5 at cue 6.
    As I am building more and more complex key frame shapes it's becoming cumbersome to make changes. #53702
  • (key frame palettes) Please allow me to store key frame shapes palettes soon! And maybe a way to apply key frame shapes universally so I can apply to different fixture selections.

    merged related post:

    ciuf wrote:Key frame palettes
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Highlight current keyframe

Postby clublights » 12 May 2015, 01:04

  • in keyframe shapes when your in the screen that you can set speeds and curves and all the rest if the frame that is currently playing was highlighted on the list on the left side.

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Postby JSSound » 17 May 2015, 12:12

  • (tap shape rate master) It would be nice if I could use the tap tempo of a Rate Master to control the speed of a shape. Otherwise I find it difficult to use for example dimmer shapes for a Band when something should change in time.
  • (indicate speed master rate by flashing LED) Additionally it would be nice if the LED of a Rate Master could flash in the speed that the Rate master has at the moment. Then you could see the speed before you start a chase thats not in time

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