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Postby gotlandljus » 13 Nov 2013, 01:56

  • Be able to select multiple cue's/memories for "edit times" and "playback options". #62795
  • For us who use Titan Mobile with big screens (20" and over)
    I'd like to see mobile wing window with the all the 20 playbacks lined up in one row and the buttons above.
    Maybe have the second monitor look like the main monitor with the wing playbacks at the bottom and still have 4 workspace-windows avalible. #62754
  • Cue-list window "GO-theater" - proper workspace-window when you make one Go-cue-list for a whole show. #62796

merged follow-up post:
gotlandljus wrote:Still waiting, I talked to someone in the avo-crew at plasa2014 that thought these were good ideas.
Again: Please make a proper window for the connected cuelist with big letters (have a look at ETC cobalt if you dont know what i mean).
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Fader position indicator (PC)

Postby kynk » 02 Dec 2013, 14:37

  • Fader position indicator in PC suite.

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Postby hjige » 03 Jan 2014, 12:04

  • A timeline for the timecode would be useful.

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Postby ArieGroen » 10 Jan 2014, 14:58

  • For fullHD screens, I would like to have 6 screens in my workspace instead of 4. So I can have Fixtures, Groups, Positions, Colors, Beams and Visualizer or Attributes in one workspace. implemented v10 resize workspace
  • Another nice feature would be to have a workspace screen for the executor buttons on the Mobile and the Wing. implemented (Mobile Wing/Static Playbacks)
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Nicke Löfgren
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Restricted access/custom workspace

Postby Nicke Löfgren » 27 Jan 2014, 19:09

  • External screen is not the best in my opinion.
    I am about to build a lighting system for a restaurant. Have previously used the Martin LightJockey.
    I would like to use ONLY one screen. Not two
    My suggestion is to have an extra "size and position" A box that takes the entire screen of the primary display. Then user only access only playbacks
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Confirm exit (PC)

Postby jojodadj » 11 Feb 2014, 13:41

  • I would like to see for Titan PC Suite an exit software confirmation, It is all too easy to accidentally slip with your finger or anything like that and titan closes. Could be disastrous!


    merged subsequent related post:
    clublights wrote:YES! especially with the long shutdown times with 7.2 if you accidentally shut down it much to long to relaunch
    Quidam wrote:I second that, too, even on full hardware boards.
    I reckon that the power button on the tiger touch II, for example, is not easily mistakenly pushed, but the power buttons on external keyboards are...
    Anyway, I don't see why a confirmation dialog would bother anyone, especially if it's optional.
    danhoff wrote:On Titan Mobile, it's almost-too-easy to accidentally press the 'X' in the top corner and close the software while trying to press Softkey A on screen - maybe adding a 'Do you really want to quit?' dialog on TItan Mobile is a good idea?
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Additional physical outputs in multi console

Postby clublights » 12 Feb 2014, 07:06

  • The ability to use the TitanOne dongle as a DMX output node local to the computer so like with a mobile I would have the 4 outputs on the side plus the TitanOne giving me 5 universes (or more if I had more then one TitanOne) at the desk
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2-press clear

Postby simon.g » 15 Mar 2014, 16:06

  • Request:
    Pressing clear once: Clear fixture selection
    Pressing clear twice: Clear programmer

    When busking a show in programmer mode, it happens that I just want to clear the fixture selection, but instead accidentally give the show a whole new look when the programmer is cleared as well. Maybe it's just me being clumsy. I think MA has something similar, but I think this might come in handy.

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Screen brightness

Postby StijnS » 27 Apr 2014, 11:02

  • A feature to dim the backlight of the touchscreens in the Sapphire would be nice. Sitting in a dark theatre, staring into the sun is somehow a bit annoying...

dev note - I think this is possible in Usb Expert Console (at least it is via the Arena panel) but probably should be available from Titan UI (limited to avoid 'where's my screen'!)

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Colour models

Postby Quidam » 02 May 2014, 17:50

  • The ability to choose a common color mixing method for all fixtures in the show, regardless of the type of fixtures.
    Simplest example would be setting colors on a RGB fixture with CMY wheels.
    Color mixing scheme should apply show-wise, either RGB, CMY or HSI.

    The color picker already does that, why not give us an option on the encoders ?
    (Easy to say, I know...)
    Color shapes should work on both type of color mixing at the same time (even if, for the simplest applications, we are fine with two shapes 180° out of phase). #62800
  • The ability to influence the color fade curve - or even better in a simpler way, something like choosing "the path followed by the cross on the color picker", which for now tends, for three-channels-colors, to naturally decrease in hue while parameters are crossing.
    For example, I'd like to be able to have my RGB fixtures fading from Yellow to Magenta through a primary red instead of the white-ish/extra pale red they actually cross by when they're at R100% G50% B50%... #62801
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Titan remote

Postby samdissoire » 05 May 2014, 10:29

  • In the titan remote: I would like to use the "handle number" in place of "user number".
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Colour models

Postby Matthias » 14 May 2014, 17:45

  • Would something like a "colour scheme manager" do make sense for choosing matching colours in colourpicker-mode. Maybe Titan could show nice recommandations in this colourpicker window...
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Chase controls (ST)

Postby StijnS » 18 May 2014, 20:40

  • On the Expert are four buttons that control a chase's direction: forward, backward, bounce and random. It would be nice to have these on the Sapphire too, perhaps with a macro on the executor buttons?
implemented (Next Step/Prev Step keys are forward/backward. There are also macros for these as well as bounce and random which could be assigned to the executor buttons).
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Additional external displays

Postby James8423 » 12 Jun 2014, 14:41

  • Are there plans for adding in support for additional external monitors in upcoming titan updates? I feel the one thing holding titan users back is the lack of screen space and having to flip between workspaces. Also now with the release of the Tiger touch wing, we now have to have the Wing View open as well which takes up the external screen. The ability to have the Wing View, Groups and Pallets, Playbacks and Fixtures all open on different touch screens would be a life saver.
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Invert cell order

Postby StijnS » 28 Jun 2014, 12:53

  • Most of the times when programming effects on Sunstrips (for the developers: 1m long rectangles with 10 separate halogen lamps in), I use the shape generator. Simple dimmer spread effects tend to give nice results. Sometimes it occurs that someone has hung a sunstrip upside down, and as result the spread effect doesn't look nice on that one.
    I would like to suggest a feature to "reverse" the 10 dimmers of the sunstrip in Titan. A bit like "tilt invert", but this one should swap dimmer 1 and 10, 2 and 8, 3 and 7...

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