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Postby Al_Blueman » 18 Jan 2013, 12:53

  • Global release mask for playbacks implemented (Global Release Mask)
  • Individual release timings for playbacks implemented (playback options [Release Time])
  • When starting the console, it doesnt save preference on the clear function (freeze fixture / release) I got around it easily enough with a quick macro, but it kept throwing me for the first couple of days! fixed
  • More fx on the shapes side- ramp up and down on dimmers / colours.
    cmy / rgb shapes are great but why is there still no white or amber?
    white and amber shapes added to normal shapes, keyframe shapes for ramps
  • Another would be a pallete swing- take two palletes and swing between them, throw a spread across etc- that would save a hell of alot of time programming chases! I know you can write your own shapes but it doesnt really help when you turn up for a gig and op on someone else's avo! implemented (Key Frame Shapes)
  • I'd love to see a quick build idea for firing multiple palletes all at once.
    So here's the situation.. I'm busking a dj set and know that the tracks going to drop into a break and then start building. It would be amazing if you could quickly build a temporary cue? (mac 700's group, o/w pallete, gobo 1, slow rotate, audience blind position pallete ... robin 100's group, Blue pallete, wide zoom, dj position pallete) connected to the go button so I can fire the entire lot at once. Obviously it would have to be able to build quickly whilst opping!

    merging subsequent related posts:
    mattosborne wrote:+1
    - this would be very similar to the Clarity Build mode
    simon.g wrote:+1
    Would be a great feature, something i really miss.
    dmxproductions wrote:This would be awesome, even in a primitive form having a freeze button where everything is running continues too, select all the palettes and changes, then hit a go command that does the lot at once! Never use the buttons above previous cue and next! (Live time and next time) would be ideal if could change them!
    bercic wrote:to be able to select multiple pallets (colour, position, beam) on different groups and trigger them at the same time.
    implemented v10 blind to live
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(personality request)

Postby Al_Blueman » 21 Jan 2013, 17:03

  • Found another request!!!! Can we have virtual diummers for cells on Robe Robin LED range?? 600's, 100 beams etc! :) while there are things that can be improved in Titan to help, this is technically a personality issue

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Postby StijnS » 26 Jan 2013, 19:38

  • I've just been programming a show and I noticed that the Shared Palette/Normal Palette option in the Store Palette menu changes at random. Personally I like it at normal, so is there an option in user options to set this on Normal, and to let it stay at normal?
    implemented v10 minimum palette mode
  • A flash down function. You can use the Flash master to set the operating level of the Flash buttons, but is a "negative" flash also possible? So you press the flash button, and the intensity of the cue goes down. (Like on Jands Event desks) #30435
  • When I program a show, I record the focus (sharpness) for gobo's in my pan/tilt palettes.
    But some fixtures (like the Robe Colorspot 700eAT that I use often) has 2 gobo wheels, so you need a different focus attribute for these 2 gobo's.
    Of course I could program the focus attribute together with the gobo, but than I can't focus at all positions.
    Can there be something implemented that the desk decides the focus according to gobo AND position? #62787
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Manual chase xfade

Postby clublights » 29 Jan 2013, 02:07

  • In the Classic software when you stopped a chase you could use the wheels to "dial" in the ( or out ) the next step I can't seem to do this in titan. could the center wheel ( on the 3 wheel desks) be used for this?
    It was a cheat I used quite often to cheat up and back out a light for setting props in place.

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Overlap on subfixture

Postby Gregory » 19 Feb 2013, 10:58

from a separate post by StijnS:

  • I have patched 24 Generic RGB 24-channel led fixtures. I create the following chase:
    - Step 1. All virtual dimmers 100%
    - Step 2. All virtual dimmers 0%
    I set the crossfade to 100% and fixture overlap to 0%. Now the led tubes fade as a single fixture, the individual cells do not fade after each other.
    Can you make a setting at the fixture overlap that says it will include subfixtures?

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Import workspace

Postby ChrisLITaz » 21 Feb 2013, 21:30

  • It would be Awesome if we could save/export a Custom window layout or profile.
    Say if i have to transfer a show from TT to Titan one.
    currently i have to go through all the workspaces resize the icons and text to fit proportionally on a Laptop screen.

    where if i could Save a " titan one User profile" or a "titan mobile profile"
    it would automatically change all those window settings
    and maybe even Save other user specific settings as well.

    This feature could also be used when another user takes over the console during a long show.
    He/she just quickly loads there profile and everything is how they like it.

dev note - perhaps workspace layouts should be stored and recalled per user?

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Check for updates (software)

Postby renebiemans » 12 Mar 2013, 13:48

  • What also could be nice is a update function within the titan software,which can check for new updates. This could also be a easy way to remove some small bug fixes with small updates and don't have to wait until a complete new version arrives.
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Midi out/ replay

Postby oyvind » 15 Mar 2013, 09:51

  • Record MIDI to a sequences by MIDI out at the console (mixing show)
    Then play it back from the sequencer to MIDI in at the console.
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Sel If key profile

Postby Martin.ibk » 25 Mar 2013, 18:59

  • Buttons of the playback can select the fixters in it. What i try to explain with my bad english is, that if you press the swop button of a playback, you select automatically all fixtures of that scene. so if i would have a playback with all mac spots you can simply select it above your fader and give them the attributes you want to.
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Undo delete playback and fixtures

Postby hjige » 15 Apr 2013, 09:32

  • I would like if the UNDO button could undo things as remove playback or delete fixtures, and not only things in the programmer. Or am I doing something wrong?
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Custom column order

Postby gupster78 » 07 May 2013, 22:06

  • The ability to be able to adjust the positions of fields in the cue/playback window so you can put them where you want them.
This is partially covered with v10 column filters but could be expanded to allow reorder too
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Group masters

Postby mattosborne » 12 Aug 2013, 09:40

  • I would like to be able to create intensity grand masters for certain fixtures or groups, which could then be saved to the preset handles.
    For example say i had programmed my show in the day but realise at night that the led fixtures are all to bright i could use the fixture or group master to reduce.
implemented (Group masters)

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Postby mattosborne » 12 Aug 2013, 09:46

from a separate post by frenchie16:

  • MIDI Show Control for cue lists. This would be very useful for theatre-type shows and would be a great improvement over the current MIDI trigger support. It essentially allows you to send commands over MIDI like "GO cue 1 from list 5".
    The list would map to the playback, perhaps through a mapping that could be changed like the current MIDI settings.
    The biggest advantage of this over MIDI note on triggers is that it specifies which cue to run, not just which playback to trigger; this would prevent issues if a cue has to be skipped or it is necessary to jump back a cue.

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Fader number watermark (TM)

Postby jojodadj » 09 Sep 2013, 12:01

  • On the titan mobile it is not difficult but slow to find what plackback does what when related to the screen. I know tape is an answer for some people but when you have pages and pages of cues tape becomes redundant.
    As on other consoles (Tiger Touch) the plackbacks are directly under the screen and spaced so they directly relate to the screen.
    On the titan mobile each plackback has a number written just below the grey buttons, it would be good to add a ghosted number behind the cue on the screen which relates to what slider it is on. just like it has what page it is on ghosted behind.

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Titan remote

Postby StijnS » 19 Oct 2013, 14:56

  • I would like to request a Fan button in the Titan Remote. :)

    merged subsequent related posts:
    funlight wrote:FAN when Titan Remote I would like to use FAN when I focus positions with titan remote.
    movingart wrote:or a macro button.

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