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Hold/Never hold

Postby icke_siegen » 18 Mar 2011, 17:42

  • Implement memory paging differently - pretty much like presets behaved on classic desks:
    if you bring up a fader, then toggle the page (now: the [virtual] roller), that fader should connect to the new page, the previously fired cue staying fixed in the background - until you either toggle back and level-match (or release it), or you press 'release all'.
    Possibly this could be another option besides 'unlocked', 'transparent', and 'locked' - and a system user setting to define the default behavior.
implemented (user settings/never hold/always hold)

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Merge DMX in

Postby niclights » 20 Mar 2011, 12:05

originally posted by MickMurray:

  • Would be useful to be able to do dmx in or dmx merging over artnet

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Virtual faders

Postby niclights » 20 Mar 2011, 12:06

originally posted by MickMurray:

  • Would be helpful to have extra faders as touch faders on screen, kinda like the pearl expert but pages of channels, would be handy for specials when u run outta handles or for editing channels when making chases etc

    merged subsequent related posts:
    mattosborne wrote:I love the playback window it saves using faders and makes the console great for lock down for use by 'less experienced' operators.
    What I would like to see is a Virtual Fader for the playbacks. i.e. press and hold and a intensity fader appears. slide up to fd in down to fd out, and as an added bonus have the play back remember the intensity so you can press to activate and release as usual at the last used intensity. great for a band or stage wash where you need to tweak the intensity but will be the same for most occasions after.
    BasVal wrote:It would be nice to have something like a virtual playback (dimmer) fader.
    So you don't have to offer a real fader for bar lights, DJ front etc
    on a normal playback button the intensity is static and sometimes you just need to change the pre-programmed setting real quick
    on Tiger Touch you don't have a lot of faders :D
    renebiemans wrote:I'd like to see a way to fade a chase or memory under the 'Worksapces Macros and Executors' buttons of the titan mobile and under the playback page. Something like a virtual fader. It could be programmed under the second wheel when connected to the button. So you press connect and the button and change the intensity like you change the speed.
    I'd also like to see a page with some virtual faders for some fixtures. So that you can program for example your front light under it and it won't cost a fader.
    Avljud wrote:Possibility to change the visual Playback button to either a Fader, Wheel or a Cue +\- button aassigned to what playback you prefer. All for fast and easy access to control speed, size, change colours etc.
#26087, #25378, #23136, #25194, #22955

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Link handle buttons

Postby icke_siegen » 30 Mar 2011, 17:25

  • assign other buttons e.g. for controlling an existing cue list. Like: you use one handle to start/control a cue list. But you can assign another button as go button for this specific cue list

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Group Master Faders

Postby icke_siegen » 12 May 2011, 19:47

  • Talked about quite often, but didn't find it written down:
    master faders per group. Should behave as a % multiplicator for the dimmer channel of all fixtures in that group, default value: 100% (on request/setting: higher priority than the programmer).
    Would be of immense help in cases like 'bring down all fresnels' and many more...
    If I may second myself: groupmasters is something being asked on every other demo/training
implemented (group masters)

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Import/Export settings

Postby icke_siegen » 17 May 2011, 12:36

  • Settings like outputs etc. are not stored with the show file. It would be cool if those settings could be saved and imported separately. Would help a lot, in order to prepare the data in advance.
implemented v10 import user settings
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Remove fixture

Postby icke_siegen » 20 Jun 2011, 10:11

  • entirely delete fixture from cue
    Well, usind OFF, one can 'Switch OFF selected Fixture' - which actually switches off all attributes, but keeps the fixture in the cue. Subsequently, if the cue is included, and an attribute is changed, this attribute becomes active for the 'OFF' fixture.
    There should be an option to remove a fixture from a cue.
implemented (touch fixture in cue view/[Remove Fixtures]/[Confirm])

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Theatre-like cuelist view

Postby icke_siegen » 20 Jun 2011, 10:19

  • Seasoned theatre guys seem to appreciate the latest Avo developments, in particular the unviversal cuelists.
    However, when using lots of dimmers only, another cuelist view is on the wishlist: only dimmer channels (as much as possible as per window size), showing values for the current cue AND for the next cue (maybe including timing).
    Sorry for not being more exact - I am told this would be very familiar from older theatre consoles (which I have close to no experience with).

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Timecode and discreet times

Postby MickMurray » 26 Aug 2011, 16:25

  • At the moment i only seem to be able to have a cue list with tc or no tc not both, as in cue 1 looks for time code, cue 2 to 5 are regular cues with discrete timing and a manual go, cue 6 looks for time code, cue 7 thru 10 are again manual, and each cue list has the ability to have a tc cue within the list anywhere
implemented. timecode can be enabled/disabled per cue and remembers timecode values

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Multiple window instances

Postby peter.rodda » 13 Sep 2011, 16:07

  • different windows of the same thing open. For instance, having groups Page1 in one window, and Groups page 2 in another?
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Sound to Light

Postby Beast » 26 Sep 2011, 19:42

  • a simple beat-detektor and ways of triggering cue/step/go with this. Would also be neat if one could choose different profiles like sawtooth, sine and so forth for this. Have already asked for this in the forum, and gotten a "dismal" answer, but now it´s on the list.
implemented (requires specific hardware)

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Postby themedesign » 27 Sep 2011, 13:18

  • Got Request to edit Shape size and speed when its under a playback. implemented v10 live shape control
  • Macro keys to be set a excutor buttons like grandma. implemented
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Titan Mobile Remote

Postby Symelighting » 11 Oct 2011, 11:05

  • Please can you sort out a remote for the Mobile as it seems a little ridiculous that there is not one only for the fact that it requires a web server to be running. A proper iPhone/iPad app is really what we need. Chamsys has one for their equivalent desk and it is cheaper then the Titan Mobile. I can't be that hard to create the app. Its just frustrating after paying a lot of money to then find out that the remote works on the other Titan desks but not mine....
implemented (Titan Remote IOS and Android Apps)

merged subsequent comment which may still be of interest to some customers:
rsmck wrote:
It's worth noting that it doesn't really work on the other desks either, I believe there's one in the works but until then I've found AirDisplay on the iPad a very capable option (much better than VNC was) - it's pretty low latency and the touchscreen controls work just as you expect - I put a short demonstration up at http://vimeo.com/30329053 for someone else who asked a similar question a while ago elsewhere :)
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Restart shapes

Postby nighteyes » 31 Oct 2011, 12:27

  • Often while programming my shapes, i try to combine different shapes. Like for example, the dimmer and tilt, to make the famous snowfall. However when editing this, speed and phase are essential for timing this right. But since,while editing, the first shape is started at a different moment than the second one, adjusting the phase is a matter of thinking it through and trial and error. To sync the shapes and see if my chosen phase is correct, i always have to record the shape, play it back, and more often than not, adjust again, and again.
    To solve this problem it would be great if there was a "restart all shapes" button in the shape generation section. Or better even, do it automatically when a parameter is changed. That way i can be sure that what i see is what i get.
implemented ([Shapes & Effects]/[Shape Generator]/[Edit]/[Restart Shapes])

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Postby ChrisLIT » 18 Dec 2011, 22:28

  • Better fixture patch view window.
    The small pop up window in the lower right corner is way to small when there is a huge touch screen capable of showing a much larger view of you fixture list and patch's (Which is one of the most important views when trying to organize a show patch!!!).
    implemented (patch view)
  • It would also be nice if a free channel dialog was available simplifying a free range of channels in any given universe without having to look hard for gaps in channels and do the math of where you can fit in fixtures.
    Now im not saying be more like MA. AVO rocks and is beautiful in its own way. but take a look at the MA fixture layer menu and you will get an idea of the direction i am talking about.
    implemented (Patch View line usage)
  • Highlighted palettes for the specific range of fixtures selected.
    I.e when i select robe 575 spots. all the pallets related or created for the robe 575's are highlighted.
    this would make navigating through a show with lots of different fixtures and there palettes much more easier.
    implemented (user settings/filter relevant palettes)
  • Better visualizer. Really needs to be brought up to todays standards of what a 3d visualizer can and should be in my own opinion. could even be as simplistic as Grand Ma3d. implemented (integrated Capture v10.0)
  • (cue fire options) Cue list and Chases.
    Under payback options it would be nice to have fader options such as
    -restart with next cue
    -restart with previous
    -restart with current cue
    The fader would just control intensity and Effects of the Current step allowing for the playback to always start or flash from the last selected, previous, or next cue. The biggest advantage of this would be the playback wouldn't have to be killed off to release it from holding that spot while changing pages - it could just be reactivating when needed in its last state. #62779
  • (highlight connected playback) Connected playback is highlighted or marked so at a glance you can tell which playback is linked to the go button. #62778

    merged related post:
    Tharding wrote:Connected list indication - I am sure I saw this in a request already but just another vote for it. Great to have that visual indicator of what list you might be about to record into without realising.

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