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Postby alim6310 » 16 Jun 2015, 13:19

  • (undo) for me the first thing is Undo really needs to be expanded , it is really difficult, if i make mistake and can not undo it implemented v10
  • and make the fixture has a colour and dimmer attribute to be able to see, so we know in every cue that being fire, what fixture is being use
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Cue list linked copy

Postby oaksld » 10 Aug 2015, 20:15

  • I would really love to see the ability to make linked copies within a cue list... that feature alone would save me hours of updating 100's of cues everyday.

    merged related:

    funlight wrote:Linking Cue within a cue list (selectable) Same Cue,Just One Modify would be super great.
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Display master times

Postby danhoff » 14 Aug 2015, 20:28

  • I thought of this feature request the other day - I have created macros to change the Master Palette Fade Time to 0, 0.2 or 1 seconds, and assigned them to the Titan Mobile macro buttons, and they work well. But sometimes I forget which one I pressed last, and wonder what the fade time is - usually when I have both hands getting ready to fire off some cues!
    Would it make sense to add a readout somewhere on the [color=#BF8000]display that shows your current settings for things like Master Palette Fade Time, Master Release Time, current value of Fixture Offset, etc? Currently those are buried in three separate menus.

Implemented- please see factory macros for examples.
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Postby ciuf » 05 Sep 2015, 13:01

  • (release key frame step) I would like in keyframe shapes the empty frame feature, like a "release all" previous frame. #51257
  • (global or shared key frame shapes?) It would be useful for a less standalone use of the keyframe shapes. I could use it for shapes like attributes changing with spreads or directions according to the layout.

    merged related:
    JTrinnaman wrote:I would like to be able to create effects with the keyframe shapes to save and use later, and to use those same effects on different fixtures.
    Why can't I build a simple intensity chase, or pan effect using the keyframe shape generator, save it, and then use the same effect on other fixtures? If those fixture have intensities and pan as well, or have info saved into the same palettes that the keyframe shape is pulling from.
    I'd love to not have to keep re-making things like this, or trying to copy them around and what not... would really change the game for me.
  • This keyframe engine should be more like a useful tool than a different way of making basically the same things, also some videos of interesting keyframe shapes would be nice.
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Postby mdc2000 » 08 Nov 2015, 20:50

  • It would be great to have the option to autoload macros on startup and shutdown of the console, such as automatically lamping off and on fixtures, loading or releasing a cue or cue list, etc. It would also be good to have an autoload feature when you load a show.

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Symmetrical pattern selection

Postby bercic » 01 Dec 2015, 20:58

  • to select fixtures within a group symmetrical from the centre out or from the centre in. (if you have a group of 8 fixtures it would select first 4&5 next 3&6 than 2&7....)
    it can be implemented in the select odd/even window and the fix+1/ -1 buttons. you could add a toggle between odd or even, and symmetrical.
    i would find this useful for fast fixture positions together with the fan function.

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Resize workspace

Postby TheMusicMan » 06 Dec 2015, 17:14

  • More customizability in resizing directory windows, and the sizing of buttons inside those windows.
    Resolution independent sizing of buttons/windows for the screens, especially with regards to high-resolution displays. Perhaps the ability to tell Titan OS what the resolution is and have it resize accordingly, even up to the 3200x1800 or bigger resolutions. What use is a 34" ultrawide monitor if there are 5,000 tiny buttons or 16 stupidly huge buttons?

    merged related posts:
    gis wrote:+1
    danhoff wrote:adding my voice to a number of calls in this thread for better graphical controls over the screen layout, especially now that UHD screens are becoming affordable in touchscreen machines, it would be a huge improvement to be able to have more than 4 windows open at once, different sizes, background colors, etc! I know that in the past the limited graphical horsepower of some older hardware was a limitation, hopefully Titan v10 can move past that. I'm shopping for a powerful new Titan Mobile machine and hope the newest software will let me take advantage of its capabilities!
    zeke wrote:Resizable windows
    Billyserious wrote:I know you've closed the time for requests, but I wanted to add my voice to a more open layout view, ala MA, As well as more flexible options for layouts in the other windows. That is virtually the only feature I still prefer the other console for.

implemented v10
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BPM ratio and sync

Postby StijnS » 08 Dec 2015, 18:15

  • All chases connected to a BPM master should have the ability to divide and multiply the BPM master's speed: /2, /4, *2...
  • And they should all be phase-synced: this way you can easily create awesome effects of multiple chases that are all running in sync.
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Postby rkeijsers » 09 Dec 2015, 16:20

  • (Effect speed by step/cycle option) BPM option for "key frames" and "shape generator" by step not by scene.
    When i use a bpm master for a "key frame" or a "shape generator" this is the bpm value for the whole scene not for only 1 step (like in a chase).
    This is way to fast if i got more steps.
  • X-fade option for the shape generator
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MIDI out triggers

Postby bercic » 10 Dec 2015, 20:49

  • a simple tool to crate midi out triggers and connect them to cues or cue lists.
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Cue list goto loop

Postby Jonny » 02 Jan 2016, 13:59

  • I'd like to request to be able to have chases included in cue lists - I know we can autoload them or use key frames but I'm on a Titan Mobile and each fader counts - autoloading still requires a fader and sometimes chases are easier to program using the standard programming rather than key frames.

Use the playbacks view where there is plenty of space for additional playbacks. Also separately requested is lists within lists.
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Postby Avljud » 12 Jan 2016, 17:51

  • Fire a Cue in a Cuelist with Enter/Go. (Example; mark Cue 2 in a Cuelist on the touchscreen and press Enter or Go to fire it) implemented - CUE/<number>/<enter>
  • Possibility to lock the Visualiser on the connected monitor so it works like a preview. implemented - window locations are stored/recalled on save/load and can be recorded in workspace shortcuts
  • Auto convert Cues to either a Cuelist or a Chase and the ability to change in Playback options implemented.
  • Fade between Pages and Playbacks. (Examples; Fade out Playback 1 on Page 1 when I go to page 2 or fade between Playbacks on different Pages when I change Page etc.)
  • Multiple Colours on each layer in Pixelmapping workspace.rejected
  • A Countdown/Clock function in Pixelmapping workspace to create countdowns etc.
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Move in Dark

Postby mdc2000 » 21 Jan 2016, 07:16

  • It would be great if there was a quick way to control MID globally or by cue by attribute group. Like you would select an attribute mask for recording cues. This would quickly allow color or gobo marking, for example, while still allowing the pan/tilt to wait to move until the next cue is fired without having to mess with delays or wait times.
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Arrange fixtures

Postby mdc2000 » 21 Jan 2016, 07:21

  • I would love the option to be able to quickly arrange fixtures in the fixture view or groups in the group view the same way you can when doing fixture layouts in the pixel mapper. So that if you have a circle truss for example, you could quickly select a range of fixtures and have them lay out in a circle configuration. (even if that was still restricted to the Grid.)

    merged subsequent related comment:
    StijnS wrote:Perhaps you could get some inspiration from the MA Layout View?

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Export (picture) legends

Postby mdc2000 » 21 Jan 2016, 07:22

  • Having the ability to export legends would be nice.

    merged subsequent related comments:
    danhoff wrote:Assuming you mean legends that one's drawn with the paintbrush - agreed! Or at least being able to 'save' more than the four-or-five most-recently-used ones - that's led me to do some very interesting hijinks to label things int the past!

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