Avolites and midi control

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Avolites and midi control

Postby michaelmackinnon » 08 Feb 2010, 15:45

ok so this is , i think, i pretty simple question, i have worked in clubs as an LJ and have either used Touch panels(we're talking 25 years ago with the touch panels) or midi keyboards with a pc, but now i have the chance to work in a club that has a lighting desk, now because i really dont want to feel restricted by not being able to busk with the lighting, which happened at gatecrasher in birmingham, i was wondering if its possible to connect a midi keyboard to the avolites desks and basically play the lights to the music, dont get me wrong i am sure that these desks are wonderful, if you have time to learn them, but i dont, so any help on this would be very cool.
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Postby niclights » 08 Feb 2010, 16:06

Yes it is possible, but you or someone else would still have to program the desk console first.
While Midi control has its applications it is not necessarily easier. The Avo desks are especially good for busking in their own right.

Whichever, have a look at the manuals where everything is explained:
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Postby iadwm » 09 Feb 2010, 06:55

Hi Michael,
I use Showcad Artist (PC+MIDI keyboard) at my home venue. When I'm working for myself (event, club or festival) I use my Pearl Expert....
Given the choice of one or the other - Pearl every time.

Some of the PC stuff is very cleaver, but to make the user interface really work (in my opinion) it needs plenty of control options all easily to hand...so you add a MIDI keyboard (loads of switches) with some faders and buttons (all very useful)...so you now have a user interface that kind of looks like a lighting desk!

You really should try make the time to learn the Avo way - it's why it became THE most popular desk for busking !

The only time I've ever used a MIDI keyboard with my Pearl, was when I was running a system with a reasonable number of strobes that I wanted to 'play' - it was actually controlling a Masterpiece that was acting as a strobe controller (making use of the various sound to light controls).

The one thing you do get on MIDI keyboard and not a lighting desk - is a pitch bend/mod wheel - ok, using this to fade in and ramp up strobes at the same time is fun... but it's a novelty..it wears off!


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