Sapphire 2000/Boris 2 Floppy Drive Chip

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Sapphire 2000/Boris 2 Floppy Drive Chip

Postby tokm2k » 22 Dec 2009, 21:25

Hello all,

Know this's probably the worst time of year to ask about matters such as this, but luckily I'm not in a major rush! Just thought I'd get the ball rolling.

Got (well, soon to be getting) a Sapp' 2000 with a Boris 2 motherboard, apart from a few other little problems, the thing needs a new floppy drive and control chip.. Could anyone give me any details on the GAL name/number of this particular chip and should any of the spares guys be around on here, whats the availability of them..

The previous owner says he did try calling avo support some while ago (year +) and was told the chips aren't easy to find, but he could send the eprom code over if the guy had a chip burner and some spare chips of the right size/type.

Apparently the chip and drive needed to be scrounged out of it to go in another desk (a pearl with the same motherboard..), so I'm hoping that the fact its not a sapphire unique part might increase the odds of getting hold of one!

If not, would another chip be compatible, i.e. a fdd control chip from an old computer, something like an old 486 computer.

Basically asking for any help, any info on the things, etc... Thanks!

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Postby iadwm » 23 Dec 2009, 02:34

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