Pearl 2008 TAP problem

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Pearl 2008 TAP problem

Postby ChiekuRs » 05 Apr 2009, 12:33

I have faced with this problem in the past in 2000 and 2004 Pearl software, but yesterday I noticed it again on Pearl 2008 running 2008 software - setting chase speed using TAP button, gets you speed bit slower than expected. Console restart didn't help. What could be cause for this? I thought this was fixed in 2008 software..
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Postby iadwm » 06 Apr 2009, 21:32

I think I'm right in saying that whatever software is on a 2008, it's basically the same as 2004 (just with the USB addition) and will therefore have the same TAP tempo calculation error.
I don't think we ever got an answer as to why it calculates the tempo incorrectly and I don't think Avo will be releasing any further updates to Classic Pearl, because of all the focus on Titan.

In short, use the wheel!

I would be very pleased to be corrected on this, as I've always found it quite amusing that one of the worlds most popular lighting desks can't count properly and annoying that I can't use the TAP key!


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