Color mixing with playbacks

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Color mixing with playbacks

Postby Manu » 20 Nov 2017, 16:00


I have a problem to mix different colors with playback.

For exemple with LEDs PARs, I record a red on a fader, a green on an other, a blue on an other ( I select fixture + locate + choose of color with color mixing in attribute editor, I set playback mode on 2 and the record mode on " channel ".

So I want to fire the red fader, also the green one and have a yellow. But here I fire the red fader, no problem, and when I fire the green fader, this one take priority. There are a mixing to a yellow and after 50 % of the green fader, the color become just green.

Sorry for my english, maybe a video will be better to understand :

Thank you
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Re: Color mixing with playbacks

Postby Gregory » 20 Nov 2017, 17:01

For this to work as required you need to ensure that only one channel is recorded in each of the three playbacks. Using the colour picker to set the colour is automatically putting all three channels in the programmer so there channels which are stored at zero will fade out when the others are fading in. The easiest way to record this is to use the wheels (or the wheel display) to set one of the channels to full, record the cue and then clear the programmer - repeat this for the other two channels. Also after recording all the playbacks make sure to reset the red, green and blue channels to zero.
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Re: Color mixing with playbacks

Postby danhoff » 20 Nov 2017, 17:13

....and also make sure that your 'Record' mode is set to 'Channel,' not 'Fixture'.
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Re: Color mixing with playbacks

Postby bercic » 27 Nov 2017, 19:57

make sure you put the playbacks in fade mode 2(fade to fader)
Prashant Gadhavi
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Re: Color mixing with playbacks

Postby Prashant Gadhavi » 06 Sep 2023, 14:11

Hi friends
I am trying the same thing with LED Par 9 DMX (patched as a fixture)
All 3 fader crossfading @ 50%, not at 100%
I want to do the Red playback fader at 100% and when I raise the Green fader at 100%, the color should be Yellow.
Can I do that?
Please guide
Thanks in advance
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Re: Color mixing with playbacks

Postby niclights » 06 Sep 2023, 14:34

Yes. If you follow the steps above it should work as desired.

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