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Get Cuelist Cue handles

Posted: 27 Apr 2020, 06:30
by icke_siegen
Is there a way to get the individual cue handles from inside of a cuelist? Becaus, titan/handles only returns the cuelist, not the cues in it.

If there is no such function can you please add this to the list? Thanks.

Re: Get Cuelist Cue handles

Posted: 17 Aug 2020, 17:41
by Gregory
Cue handles only exist in relation to certain user interface functions and are only created as required by the UI. This means that if you were to try and get a list of the cue handles in the system it would likely be incomplete.

You can get a list of the cue IDs in a playback by calling:

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. Cues can be found under the information property of the returned object.

If you want to get a specific cue handle you can call

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which will create the handle if it does not exist already. Unfortunately this takes a cue number (not the ID) so would make it difficult to use with the function above. The only valid properties returned about the cue handle are the titanId and the legend, all the other properties are are either not relevant or not filled in.

You can get the cue handle using the cue ID like this

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however in this case if the handle does not already exist, nothing will be returned even if the cue exists.

I have added task #86484 to allow cue information to be retrieved.