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webapi creator

Posted: 26 Mar 2018, 19:13
by yyy898
Hi all,
after a lot of nights programming and a lot more coffee, i am glad to announce that i have created a website that helps you creating webapi websites.

The idea is that you can drag and drop buttons, faders, ... and when ready you can export everything so you have a webapi to control your desk.

I am still working on it, so if there is a button, fader, ... you need that doesn't exist yet on the website please contact me using the support section on the website and i will try to make it and add it as soon as possible.

If you find a bug please report it to me using the support page too.

There is a manual on how to use this webapi builder on the support page.

the webapi creator:

Re: webapi creator

Posted: 27 Nov 2019, 21:07
by naszvadimarci
Not work the site!
New adress? Please!


Re: webapi creator

Posted: 08 Dec 2019, 20:13
by yyy898
i took it down because it wasn't used that often and i put a lot of time in keeping it up to date and running using no budget.
I am willing to help you design a webpage to control your console though if you need one, just let me know.