Midi macro on fader

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Midi macro on fader

Postby Alexius3 » 22 Jul 2020, 09:32

Hi to everyone!
I have a question. There is a possibility to create macros for the notes midi ON/OFF and put them on buttons. Is there a way to create midi macro on fader?
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Re: Midi macro on fader

Postby Gregory » 01 Sep 2020, 14:25

Unfortunately this is not possible or at least what is possible is probably not what you want.

You can include a macro in a cue list and then change the settings of the cue list so that it fires the first cue when the fader is raised. Therefore you can make it so that when the fader is raised it sends a MIDI command however that command will only be sent once, when the cue is initially fired, and will only have a fixed level/value within it so it won't follow the fader position (which I assume is what you are after).

Perhaps consider adding a comment to this idea describing what you want to be able to do or possibly add a separate idea for your specific use case.

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