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Using Macro to trigger URL

Posted: 07 Aug 2019, 16:44
by mynameisyz
This one is for the masters ...

Currently, I have a sapphire touch on Titan 11 and an networked video board that has exposed APIs (similar to Avolites Web API). The video board API can be simply triggered by sending a HTTP GET request to the IP address.

It will be something like this: sending a HTTP GET to, where is the IP address of the video board in the LAN.

So my plan is, connect both Sapphire and the video board using a router, and using a custom coded macro to trigger the URL.

Question: is this possible? Is there a particular macro function that lets me send a generic HTTP GET request to the specified URL?

For those who like a challenge!


Re: Using Macro to trigger URL

Posted: 08 Aug 2019, 11:02
by icke_siegen

no, as far as I can see this isn't possible with macros or the web API - the API is a server which reacts to commands, and very rarely sends a reply - but it will never issue a HTTP GET request itself. I fear you may need to program something for this yourself, basically an Artnet or sACN receiver which upon special levels issues this request.

I am rather sure you could do something like this with Ai (it would involve lots of Salvation patching). But this would be kind of an overkill for such a thing I'd say.

Out of interest, what kind of video board are you talking about?

Best, Sebastian