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Colour bump macro

Posted: 14 Apr 2019, 22:12
by Bart K
Hey Guys,

Got some spare time left, so im digging myself into some macro writing. (just started)

What do I want:
I want a couple playback faders with a cue list to bump my colours. For example a ODD/EVEN playback fader, Three pair playback fader ect.
In the 'colours' window I got my colours apart from each other. Recorded for every fixture type. Beside that I want 1 line of the same colours, but those colours will function as the bump colour to the playback faders.

What do I have now:
On my second playback fader page, I got 10 three pair colour bumps. But on every fader a nother colour.
On my third playback fader page, I got 10 ODD/EVEN colour bumps. Also on every fader a nother colour. I want to reduce this big amout of faders. To make it a lot quicker in LIVE shows and save space.

In the attachments you will find the macro I write up to now.

What does the macro need to do?
Need to select my ''ALL FIX'' group.
Select a colour, that will be the ''bump'' colour.
Replace the ''bump'' colour in to the 'bump' pallet. (With this pallet I made the various cue lists)

What does the macro do now?
Go in the BLIND mode.
Selects the ''ALL FIX'' group.
Recalls a colour (now set white) at ''colourswindows=1,2 ---After this step the macro stops, for some reason---
Replace this colour to the ''bump pallet'' at ''colourswindow=1,100
Clear the programmer
Exit Blind mode

I hope I explained it well. I'm very very new to macro writing.
Forgive me if it's a stupid mistake.

Thanks for your time guys. Much appreciated.

Re: Colour bump macro

Posted: 15 Apr 2019, 06:49
by icke_siegen
I believe the reason it stops is very simple:

you try to set a property

Code: Select all


but the property is called

Code: Select all


(note the capital H for Handle)

Re: Colour bump macro

Posted: 15 Apr 2019, 16:43
by Bart K
Thanks for the reply!

Works fine now. Going to build this further.