Active Binding for Boolean values

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Active Binding for Boolean values

Postby sideshowbond » 31 Mar 2019, 17:11


I got macros to toggle 'Capy Tracked Values' user setting. I got the active binding for True set via

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<active binding="Playbacks.CopyTrackedValues" />
however I fail to figure out how to set active binding for false. Probably just a tiny thing I am missing but I don't get it right now...
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Re: Active Binding for Boolean values

Postby Gregory » 01 Apr 2019, 16:30

Not as tiny as perhaps it could be, you need a property converter to change the value of the property:

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<active binding="{propertyLink id='Programmer.Editor.Fixtures.EditorInUse' converter='Math.NotConverter'}" />

The NotConverter will return true when the property is false and vice versa, other converters have been used things such as palette fade (TimeEqualityConverter) and overlap (EqualityConverter).

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