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Assign Masters to Playback/Cuelist

Posted: 13 Mar 2019, 13:07
by mad-leo-kitten
trying to assign different masters to a cuelist.
this is how far we came but it doesn't work, even wierder is that SelectPlayback seems to select the first Playback no matter what number stands in the list :shock:

in thix example the Playback lays on the first and the SpeedMaster on the 10th Fader.

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<step>Playbacks.Selection.SelectPlaybacks("Playbacks", {0})</step>
<step>Playbacks.PlaybackOptions.AssignSpeedSourceFromHandle("Playbacks", 9)</step>

aaaany ideas whats wrong ^^?
thanx for any idea and help :)


Re: Assign Masters to Playback/Cuelist

Posted: 14 Mar 2019, 16:04
by mad-leo-kitten
I tried also an other way of selection, but still doesn't work :/

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  <step pause="0.1">ActionScript.SetProperty("Playbacks.Editor.SelectedPlayback" ,handle:"Location=Playbacks,2,1")</step>
  <step pause="0.1">Playbacks.PlaybackOptions.AssignSizeSourceFromHandle("Playbacks.Editor.SelectedPlayback" ,handle:"Location=Playbacks,60,3")</step>

Re: Assign Masters to Playback/Cuelist

Posted: 28 Mar 2019, 18:54
by Gregory
I have answered this in response to one of your other posts. The selection for playback options is a little odd at the moment I have chosen to set the Playbacks.EditHandle property to the required playback. Other functions only take a list of handles which can be difficult to define or may not update the playback/associated options, some of this should be improved in upcoming versions of software.