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How to check if a hanndle/playback exists?

Posted: 25 Jan 2019, 16:55
by icke_siegen
i want to release a number of playbacks by usernumber, regardless if the palybacks actually exist or not - but the macro terminates as soon as a handle is not existent:

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<step>Playbacks.ReleasePlayback(userNumber:83,  Playbacks.MasterReleaseTime, true)</step>
<step>Playbacks.ReleasePlayback(userNumber:2,  Playbacks.MasterReleaseTime, true)</step>
<step>Playbacks.ReleasePlayback(userNumber:79,  Playbacks.MasterReleaseTime, true)</step>

I tried

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<step condition="Handles.IsClaimed(userNumber:83)">


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<step condition="Playbacks.IsSteppedPlaybackHandle(userNumber:79)">

but neither works (logs complain a Null Argument exception).

How could I make this happen (want to define a group of playbacks which will always be given certain usernumbers...)

Thanks in advance. Sebastian

Re: How to check if a hanndle/playback exists?

Posted: 03 Feb 2019, 20:18
by Gregory
Try this:

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<step condition="Handles.IsClaimed("cueHandleUN=1")">
  Playbacks.ReleasePlayback(userNumber:1,  Playbacks.MasterReleaseTime, true)

You cannot use the userNumber cast for the IsClaimed function as Handles is used for all types of handles and therefore it doesn’t know to what type of handle the user number pertains.