XML Macro exporting and editing

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XML Macro exporting and editing

Postby RonJansen » 02 Jan 2019, 19:15


First question, probably the first of many........

I created a XML Macro to update a playback, after i've selected a group and selected some palette's i want to Unfold a Playback.

When i record a macro on a desk (Tiger Touch 2 v11.1) and export that macro later, this is what it looks like (This is only using the button 'Unfold'):

<step pause="0.001">Menu.InjectInput("OnButtonDown","Unfold.0","NoGroup",0)</step>
<step pause="0.001">Menu.InjectInput("OnButtonUp","Unfold.0","NoGroup",0)</step>

After selecting Unfold i have to select the playback i want to Unfold, Playback number is 4 (button 5, because we start counting with 0). (So I clicked button 5 on the desk) Like this:

<step pause="0.001">Menu.InjectInput("OnButtonDown","PlaybackSelect.4","Playbacks",4)</step>
<step pause="0.001">Menu.InjectInput("OnButtonUp","PlaybackSelect.4","Playbacks",4)</step>

Is there an easier way to do this? Probably a way to save some time so the macro can run a bit faster.... :)

Example, this is what i did with selecting a palette (palette number 1520):

<step pause="0.001">Menu.InjectInput("OnButtonDown","NumericKeys.1","NoGroup",1)</step>
<step pause="0.001">Menu.InjectInput("OnButtonUp","NumericKeys.1","NoGroup",1)</step>
<!-- 1 -->
<step pause="0.001">Menu.InjectInput("OnButtonDown","NumericKeys.5","NoGroup",5)</step>
<step pause="0.001">Menu.InjectInput("OnButtonUp","NumericKeys.5","NoGroup",5)</step>
<!-- 5 -->
<step pause="0.001">Menu.InjectInput("OnButtonDown","NumericKeys.2","NoGroup",2)</step>
<step pause="0.001">Menu.InjectInput("OnButtonUp","NumericKeys.2","NoGroup",2)</step>
<!-- 2 -->
<step pause="0.001">Menu.InjectInput("OnButtonDown","NumericKeys.0","NoGroup",0)</step>
<step pause="0.001">Menu.InjectInput("OnButtonUp","NumericKeys.0","NoGroup",0)</step>
<!-- 0 -->
<step pause="0.001">Menu.InjectInput("OnButtonDown","Softkey.1","NoGroup",1)</step>
<step pause="0.001">Menu.InjectInput("OnButtonUp","Softkey.1","NoGroup",1)</step>
<!-- Select Palette 1 (Button A) in display -->

After exporting this, i added an description under every row (or handle). Looked at this and created an easier way to change this... This is what i made:

<step pause="0.01">Palette.ApplyPalette(userNumber:1520, false)</step>

So...Maybe someone who can help me make some exported macros easier to edit?

Ron Jansen
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Re: XML Macro exporting and editing

Postby sideshowbond » 03 Jan 2019, 21:51

hello mate,

what exactly do you wanna make easier? Recorded and exported macros will always look the way you experienced as they are simply a sequence of button presses so I doubt there is a way to make them easier to edit.

What exactly do you want to achieve with your macros?

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