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Macro Color List

Posted: 28 Jun 2018, 18:36
by movingart
I have here a macro to generate a Color Cue List.
Labeling the cues only works after every 2nd
Where is the mistake?

Re: Macro Color List

Posted: 28 Jun 2018, 21:11
by icke_siegen
You didn't give any advice how this macro is intended to work, hence we can only guess - but I had a look. It depends from the record mode - seems that the macro was recorded in channel mode - thus you always need to call 'Append Cue'. But when applied in 'Quick Build' mode then calling a palette immediately appends a cue and advances to the next. Hence, applying this macro in Quick Build mode creates each cue twice - one cue with the cue name stored in the macro as keyboard sequence, the other with the legend taken from the palette. And if the cuelist is recorded in quick build mode without any fixtures selected then every other cue is stored with the default name (Cue x).

Either create a macro to be used in Record Mode Quick Build (omitting the additional 'Append Step'), and/or always use this macro in Record Mode Channel.