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copy macro by macroId

Posted: 21 Jun 2018, 00:45
by sideshowbond
is there a way to copy a macro from the show library onto a handle using the macro id?

Re: copy macro by macroId

Posted: 09 Sep 2018, 10:18
by icke_siegen
Solution by Gregory:

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      <step>ActionScript.SetProperty.Enum("Handles.OperationMode", "move")</step>
      <step>Handles.CopyDestination("Fixtures", 0)</step>

For the background see ... ymacrobyid.

Gregory wrote:The SetTargetHandle call uses the macro ID string to get the handle associated with the macro (even if it is an unassigned factory macro) and assigns that handle to the Playbacks.Editor.Macros.Target.Handle property. This property can then be passed into any other function that requires a handle such as the SetSourceHandleFromHandle function.