How to fade a macro?

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How to fade a macro?

Postby Dote » 18 Nov 2017, 08:49

Hi ,
I have a question, how can I fade a macro in the software Avolites Titan-One?
Because i dont like pull the chaser everytime up and down.
I think so 2 seconds or 1,5 from 0-100% Dimmerstrength.
Thank you very much :)
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Re: How to fade a macro?

Postby Gregory » 18 Nov 2017, 12:56

A macro is just a series of button presses or commands so there is no concept of fading them. However you can put fade times on cues and as of v10.1 you can set flash times on chases and cue lists to make them fade in and out when using the (timed) flash button.

To do that you should change the key profile to Timed Flash to make the button follow the times as the default Flash key profile will always ignore times.

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