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Macro Request - Timecode

Posted: 18 Mar 2016, 16:14
by Jack_NL

Can anyone help me out with a XML macro to Enable the Timecode Timer and one to Disable the Timecode Timer.
If I make a Macro record, it is ofcourse a record off button hits, running the macro can be a enable and a disable.
So if you run that macro you can not be sure what the curent state of the timer is.
I want to have a enable macro and a disable macro in a cue list so I can be 100% sure what the state of the timer is.

Thanx for the one who can write the XML file for me.

Titan V9.1


Re: Macro Request - Timecode

Posted: 18 Mar 2016, 16:52
by Gregory
Try this:
These are now in the standard library which is updated as part of the personality library.
(1006 Bytes) Downloaded 354 times

Re: Macro Request - Timecode

Posted: 18 Mar 2016, 19:05
by Jack_NL
:D :lol: :P Hi Gregory,

This is PERFECT.
I can go on with my showfile the way I wanted.


I tried your macro in a new showfile and it worked.
Now I wanted to use it in the show file I am working in, but...
The unasigned macros won't show up in the showlibrary.
In showfiles with only a few playbacks, and palettes ,and new showfiles, all the macro's are shown. In showfiles with lots of programing there are no unasigned macros shown.

How to fix this?

Re: Macro Request - Timecode

Posted: 21 Mar 2016, 18:56
by Gregory
Please try pressing the Macro button (grey key above the keypad) press the Play softkey and search for the macro in that menu (e.g. type Timecode). There is a similar menu when adding a macro to a cue in a cue list.

Re: Macro Request - Timecode

Posted: 21 Mar 2016, 19:42
by Jack_NL
Thanx for the tip.

I did loaded 1 macro , [macro] [play]
after i did that al the macros are visable again in the Show Library.
Not only in this show file but in all the showfiles where they were missing.
After shutting down and restart the are still in the Show library.
I tried this on titan simulator.
Tomorow i''m gonna try it on the titan mobiles , all 8 we have had the same probleme.

A small request to make the Timecode Macro package complete
Can you create macros for selecting the timcode source,
And for the internal timecode a play and a refresh?

Thanx Gregory

Re: Macro Request - Timecode

Posted: 24 Mar 2016, 17:10
by Gregory
These timecode macros have been added to the standard library, which is updated with the personality library. This includes macros for changing the source and controlling the internal timer.