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MIDI Note On and Off

Posted: 05 Feb 2016, 09:21
by Olie
Here are macros to send Note On and Off commands from the MIDI out port on the console. Notes 1 to 20 are supported.

Re: MIDI Note On and Off

Posted: 20 Mar 2016, 13:00
by icke_siegen
Great work Olie!

However, since all these macros share the same ID only one such macro will show up inside Titan.

Also, this brings up another idea, in particular for such cases with many macros related to one particular function, here: MIDI): if all these macros showed up in the macro library it would be a real mess, the only hope being the search function. Why not implement a little mechanic that, maybe based on another macro property (not id or name but a 3rd one), the macros are grouped in the 'View All' window. As a side effect, this solution would be perfectly backward compatible: all macros without this property show up in the 'root library'/unassigned, while those where this property is set appear e.g. in other tabs, alongside 'Unassigned' or such. Name of these tabs should come from this new property.

For your macros, the value of this property could just be 'MIDI'. And in turn all these macros would show up not under 'Unassigned', but in another tab. And if Gregory's Export macro would have this property set to 'Export' then it would show up in a third tab named 'Export'.