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Posted: 10 Feb 2004, 16:26
by alwyn
Welcome to the brand new Avolites Discussion Forum

We are dedicated to producing the very best control solutions for all aspects of the professional lighting industry.

We hope these forums will allow you to find out more about our products, allow us to know more about how you are using them and provide a knowledge bank for everyone.

We look forward to reading your messages.

Ric, Steve, Shahid and everyone at Avolites.

Posted: 03 Mar 2004, 15:38
by Rudy
Nice one!

Posted: 12 Mar 2004, 17:31
Thanks for this new Forum.

I'm pleased to see that after a so long time to wait to get this, we finaly got it ....

Hope it will suit everyone....

Thanks for the new forums

Posted: 17 Mar 2004, 21:37
by Brian LD
It's nice to see them get a facelift.

Lighting Systems Engineer
Jay Wolfe Productions

Posted: 23 Mar 2004, 16:58
by Juno
i see there is actually no moderator to the forums, but is there at least going to be someone from avo answering the many questions?

Posted: 05 Apr 2004, 12:37
by alwyn
Hi Juno
There are now two moderators in charge of the forums.
We do monitor the forum on a regular basis and aim to answer questions as soon as possible.


Posted: 11 Jun 2004, 03:48
by Moonchild
Well done on finally getting a real forum! Should make it much easier to follow conversations and threads now :)


Posted: 01 Jul 2004, 14:01
by Evolution_Mark
Yeah, finally a decent forum!

But what is with the address?

Whay doesn't avolites use a consistant addressing strategy?


and it should be .com or (not surely!

Posted: 28 Mar 2005, 04:23
by Lekolite
NICE! An avolite forum.

Avolite consoles have long been my favorite. It will be nice to come here
to share information as well as learn somethings. Thank you.

Posted: 11 Sep 2005, 18:25
by Jomo
Take this "smileys" from my personnal production. It's so fun to illustrate words on forums...





use it !!!

Posted: 23 Sep 2005, 09:55
by Ed
Those smileys are brilliant!

Posted: 08 Oct 2005, 11:37
by radiocoocoo
Jomo wrote:Take this "smileys" from my personnal production. It's so fun to illustrate words on forums...





use it !!!

those are wicked jomo.. thanks so much

Posted: 26 Oct 2005, 15:01
by Jomo
another production !!!