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Bug? Fixture (attribute) offsets derived from palettes are incorrect for attributes with ranges other than 0~100

Posted: 14 Nov 2021, 21:38
by revenant
Titan Go V15

When applying offsets to attributes via the "<Record>, select palette, [Update Offset]" method, the offset calculation appears to assume, and depend on, the attribute range being 0~100. The resultant offset value is incorrect for any attribute with a range that is not 0~100.

Repro is as follows -

1. Start new show
2. Patch 1 x Arri Lighting L10-C [Mode 7 (White, 16bit), 6 DMX]
3. Select L10-C fixture and set CCT attribute value to 5500.0K
4. Double tap an empty tile from the Colour workspace to create colour palette
5. Set CCT attribute value to 5600.0K
6. Press <Record>, select previously created colour palette, [Update Offset]
7. Observe, CCT is now locked at maximum value as it has an offset of 100% applied.

Viewing the offset value for CCT from the Attribute Behaviour tab of the Patch workspace confirms the offset to be 100% and not 1.39% as expected.