Bug? Setting attribute upper limits as prompted can lock attribute at single value

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Bug? Setting attribute upper limits as prompted can lock attribute at single value

Postby revenant » 14 Nov 2021, 21:11

Titan Go V15

When setting attribute upper limits the system prompts "Set the Upper Limit value (percentage)...". However, depending on the attribute value range (i.e. an attribute with a range outside of 0~100), setting the upper limit as a percentage can result in the attribute value being locked at a single value.

Repro as follows -

1. Start new show
2. Patch 1 x Arri Lighting L10-C [Mode 7 (White, 16bit), 6 DMX]
3. <Exit> back to <Patch> root menu
4. Press [Edit Fixtures], [Set Limits]
5. (if prompted)** Select L10-C
6. Press [CCT], [Set Upper Limit]
7. Note System Prompt prompting value be set as a percentage
8. Enter value of 38.89 (<- should equate to ~5600.0K)
9. Observe that the CCT attribute is now locked at a single value.

The specific percentage value is not relevant, entering any percentage value in step 8 will result in the attribute being locked at a single value.

From the workaround below, it would seem that the upper limit value could be set by entering an actual value rather than a percentage but this then raises a further issue,. Attribute limit value entry fields only accept values from 0~99.99, which as the system is expecting a percentage makes sense but, as can be seen from the workaround below, values outside of the 0~99.99 range may be required.

The workaround for this issue is to set the attribute value to the desired upper limit then choose [Set to Current Value] rather than entering a value.

For the L10-C already patched, the workaround is as follows -

1. Select L10-C fixture
2. Set CCT value to desired upper limit
3. Press <Patch>, [Edit Fixtures], [Set Limits]
4. (if prompted)** Select L10-C fixture
5. Press [CCT], [Set Upper Limit], [Set to Current Value]
6. Observe that the Upper Limit value shows the actual whole number value not a percentage and that the attribute is limited as intended to the defined upper limit value

**When setting limits, sometimes the procedure would take the current fixture selection as the selected fixtures to apply limits to, other times you are prompted to select fixtures regardless if there is a current fixture selection or not, this was not consistent or repeatable.

Note - This issue exists whether setting limits through [Edit Fixtures], [Set Limits] or via the "Attribute Behaviour" tab from Patch view.

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