Time code issues

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Time code issues

Postby Karat » 23 May 2021, 08:44

Hi, I am running a 55 min long track from winamp i have a clue list with 80 cues in and running this from the timecode 1 window in the avo, i programmed all of the cue time using the go button tapping at the point i want the cues to fire, but when i play the show back the cues go out of time aproximatly it gains a second for every 9 mins of show run time, the odd thing is if i move the play back bar around in win amp to say 44.15 where i have a black out at a point in the track the timing is spot on but if i play the track from the start by the time i get to the 44.15 point in the track the cue is then aprox 4 seconds out. titan version 11.4 win amp v5.8 any help would be much appreciated, I have tried this on 2 different PC just in case it was a processor issue

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