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TitanOne Sim + Realizzer 3D 1.8

Posted: 18 Jun 2020, 15:22
by htevents
Hello all,

does anyone have experience with Realizzer 3D?

I have a few Rush MH2 position pallettes and all programmed with the build in Vis. When I send the DMX signal to Realizzer via Artnet, the position is off, the pan is correct, but the Tilt is incorrect.

Example: the 4x MH2 hanging on a truss at the back of the stage, 4x MH2 standing on floor at the back of the stage, with the build in Vis the pan of the hanging MH2's is set to a fan out, the tilt of the hanging MH2's is set so, that the "beam" is at the front of the stage, the pan of the standing MH2's is set to a fan out, the tilt of the standing MH2's is set to that the tilt is up, crossing the beam of the hanging MH2's. In Realizzer, the pan fan is correct, but the tilt of the hanging MH2's is full up and the tilt of the standing ones are full down. I also have 6 MH4's in the rig, but the show the same as in the build in Vis.

Also I face the following problem: I use a Loopback network adapter to get Artnet from TitanOne Sim to Realizzer, because they run on the same PC. If I go to DMX settings in T1 Sim and try to get an Artnet universe to the "lines", I can't see different universes, I only see universe broadcast 0. When connecting that to line 1, I see universe broadcast 1 on the left hand side under Artnet and connect that one also to line 1 to get the artnet output universe 1 on line 1, but not with the IP adres of the universe (wich should be the IP of the loopback network adapter). If I go to the settings of the artnet universe broadcast 1 under line 1, I see IP adres, what am I doing wrong?

Re: TitanOne Sim + Realizzer 3D 1.8

Posted: 18 Jun 2020, 15:51
by niclights
Assuming tilt is actually responding in Realizzer I feel the important question is which (if either) matches reality.

In Capture there is a rectangle on one side of the base of moving heads representing the fixture LCD display/menu which can be used as a reference point. Presumably Realizzer has something similar.
If you haven't already done so I would ensure the fixtures are oriented in both visualisers such that they match the real-world fixtures. Then check which (if either) matches the real world (assuming default settings such as pan/tilt range and pan/tilt invert on real world fixture, simulated fixtures and in Titan).

Admittedly it sounds strange for the tilt to be out in this way which is why I mentioned about whether tilt is responding initially. Typically incorrect calibration presents as all the fixtures pointing to the back wall or one of the sides (ie. 90 or 180° out). I would not expect straight up/down with tilt like this but it's not inconceivable.

If tilt is responding and you find Realizzer does match reality but Capture doesn't (with default settings throughout) then please let me know and I can arrange for it to be updated. If it's the other way around then it would probably be a matter for Realizzer support.

Regarding ArtNet I'm not sure although personally if it is otherwise working ok I probably wouldn't worry about it too much.

Re: TitanOne Sim + Realizzer 3D 1.8

Posted: 19 Jun 2020, 09:44
by htevents
Thank you for your qiuck reply.

What do you mean by: "If tilt is responding"? If I have the position I mentioned and make another position with the tilt opposite of the previous position, the tilt in Realizzer is changing exactly the oposite of the build in Capture Vis.

If I remember this right, cause I am not near my pc at the moment, I know that in the build in vis (and in Realizzer, which matches the Capture settings) I have to position the MH2's so, that when I set pan to 33% and tilt to 0%, the MH2's are facing fully forward to the audience. After your reply though, I think the "fault" is present in Realizzer, because fully up in Realizzer seems like it is exceeding the 180 degrees of tilt range. I will have a look tonight when I have acces to my PC.

Regarding Arnet, I will have a look tonight as well, I now have universe 0, universe 1 and sACN universe 1 connected to line 1 in TitanOne Sim, all with the IP adres set to (which is the IP of the loopback adapter) and have the same IP set in Realizzer for the incomming DMX for Artnet and sACN. If I connect Arnet universe 2 to line 2 in T1 Sim, leave the IP at nothing happens, and when I set universe 2 also to, universe 2 in Realizzer gets the same signal as universe 1. In T1 Sim, I normaly should be able to see all "available" universes, in this case the virtual universes from Realizzer, right? English is not my native language, so I hope you can understand this.

Re: TitanOne Sim + Realizzer 3D 1.8

Posted: 19 Jun 2020, 11:02
by niclights
By 'if tilt is responding' I meant does the tilt position change in the Realizzer simulation when you adjust the tilt control in Titan. From your response it sounds like it does.

I have just looked back at the history and can see that Capture changed the tilt range to 180° after I requested in response to customer feedback. So it does sound likely that the calibration in Realizzer is incorrect and I would suggest you contact Realizzer support about this.

I'm not sure I can be much help with the networking. Hopefully someone else will be able to assist.

Re: TitanOne Sim + Realizzer 3D 1.8

Posted: 19 Jun 2020, 14:28
by htevents
Thank you for all the help. Yes Realizzer responds to tilt changes in T1 Sim. I will contact them if I can't fix that with the fixture builder from Realizzer.

One last question I can get an answer on and is totaly off from this topic, but: I have an effect created as following:
- keyframeshape with frame 1 dimmer on, frame 2 dimmer off. Frame 1 is set to easy both, frame 2 is set to snap. crosspoint is set to 10%. Effect is BPM tempo controlled and the effect will make the lights flash on the BPM tempo.
The problem I face is that the console is off tempo some times or that I am a tiny bit to late firing the cue.

What I want is that effect, but controlled by the GO button. I cannot seem to get that effect the right way by creating that with a chase or cuelist. Can you help me with that please?

Re: TitanOne Sim + Realizzer 3D 1.8

Posted: 19 Jun 2020, 14:35
by DC3
For your Art-Net question, what you describe is expected.

Art-Net supports up to 32768 universes so for the desk there is 32768 "available" universes, it would be impractical to list them all in a single window. You can "batch assign" universes, when you tap a universe on the left there should two options available on the soft keys, one for quantity and one for universe. For example, if you tap universe 0 on the left, then set soft option "Quantity" to 16 and "Universe" to 1, then tap desk line 1, the desk should batch assign Art-Net universes 1 thru 16 to desk lines 1 thru 16, maybe T1 is different as it only supports a single universe? Art-Net universe numbers do not need to match desk line numbers, Art-Net universes are numbered base 0 so universe 0 is valid as it is the first Art-Net universe.

If there are no other Art-Net devices or nodes on your network then the console can only offer broadcast universes from the Art-Net pool on the left. The IP address in the configuration that you see is the destination, IP address is the limited broadcast address and is the correct destination IP address for Art-Net broadcasts.

You are using a loopback adapter which is a trick to access internal network traffic on a machine that is not attached to a physical network. I do not know much about Windows and even less about Windows networking but many operating systems and devices will not broadcast to themselves even through a loopback adapter so your visualiser not seeing Art-Net broadcast universes might to be expected.

By changing the IP address to that of the loopback adapter you are now unicasting, in a real world situation when the desk is on a physical network, unicasting to the loopback adapter would be the equivalent of the desk sending ArtNet data to itself and as the desk does not support Art-Net in this would make no sense.

Using loopback adapters although convenient can be unpredictable in how the network traffic is handled I would not recommend such a thing. Running applications on the same machine that are designed to be networked can also be unpredictable. Art-Net, Realizzer and Titan are all designed to work on physical networks rather than virtual ones.

I would also try to keep it as simple as possible, if you are not using sACN then don't have any sACN universes assigned to desk lines. I also would not recommend assigning multiple different Art-Net universes to a single desk line. I do not know anything about Realizzer, I would think that there will be some configuration options to assign Art-Net universes to Realizzer universes at the visualiser end so in Titan I would only assign the Art-Net universes that the visualiser needs to desk lines.