BPM flash, but in chase or CL version

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BPM flash, but in chase or CL version

Postby htevents » 09 Mar 2020, 12:10

Hello all,

At the moment I busk a lightshow at a Dancing. I do use a "bpm flash" effect. The lights will flash on and fade out almost instantly, controlled with a bpm master.

Now it's done by a keyframe shape effect with 2 frames. Dim full and dim zero. The dim full has a "easy both" envelope and the dim zero has a "snap" envelope. The dim zero is at 10% so it is almost like a shutter effect, but with a small fade out.

The problem I have is that the desk reacts slowly to a bpm change and it sometimes starts off bpm (or I hit the flash button a tad to late haha).

So I would like to have this effect and tap it with the GO button.
So a chase with Wait for GO should be the best solution, but I can't get it right.

Please help.

Software is still V11 btw.

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