T1 USB License

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T1 USB License

Postby Asanford012 » 13 Jan 2020, 22:03

I am about to purchase a new laptop and I need to install Titian on it to use my T1 USB. Will I have problems separating the license for my T1 USB from my old laptop to this new one?
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Re: T1 USB License

Postby Gregory » 13 Jan 2020, 22:37

If you have a new T1 or AvoKey running v12 onwards then the licence is stored internally in the device and you should not require a new licence when switching to another computer. If you have a TitanOne running v11 or earlier then you will require a new licence for the new machine however normally this should be issued automatically when you submit the new token file (with the details of the new computer) to the website. In either case both computers can remain licensed to use the T1 or TitanOne once they have been setup.

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