Can't Patch Winamp

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Can't Patch Winamp

Postby kimwida » 30 Nov 2019, 15:31

Titan Go V12.
Winamp 5.666.
Installed Avolites Winamp Plugin Setup v2.

When I try to patch winamp, it can't be patched.
When I push "Patch Nullsoft Winamp", nothing happen and just grow user number.

Sorry. It was patched.
I thought it was not patched because there is no use DMX in patch view.
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Re: Can't Patch Winamp

Postby sideshowbond » 01 Dec 2019, 20:58

I am not entirely sure as I am using Winamp differently but I believe Winamp needs to be patched on address 1.1 to work properly. It'll pop up as parked but will work nonetheless. It has its quirks though.

I am controlling Winamp slightly different as in I don't patch it, use custom macros to set the start time (hour mark for the track) and factory macros to start/pause/rewind the timecode and with that effectively controlling WInamp.

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