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Titan One

Posted: 21 Jun 2019, 11:38
by adrianolombardo
Hi everyone, I am new to the formu and I wanted to kindly ask for some details on Avolite titan ONE:

So I created a new show by inserting 15 sharpy 42 chanal fixtures, so I inevitably have to create 2 universes
The problem is that du Capture Visualizzer turn on are the first 13 and the other 3 no
How come someone can help me?

Another question that can be trivial Titan One Supports 12 universes?

Many thanks in advance

Re: Titan One

Posted: 21 Jun 2019, 13:14
by Gregory
The TitanOne only outputs one universe and that will be Line 1 as patched in the software. You can load shows, i.e. from other Titan consoles, which contain more lines or patch fixtures to other lines but you will not be able to output any DMX from those additional lines with a TitanOne.

If you are pre-programming and are not outputting to real fixtures you can run Titan Simulator without the TitanOne connected and you will be able to visualise more than one universe however it will periodically output a random DMX spoiler. If you need to use the TitanOne to output you may need to consider changing to a smaller mode or pairing up the addresses of some of the fixtures. At present if you need more outputs you would need to use a Titan Mobile, in future you should be able to use a T2 to output two universes however this is not due to come out until later this year.