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Soundguy ha ha

Posted: 23 Apr 2019, 18:20
by TK007
K, everyone laugh now cause a sound guy is trying to do's the deal....our laptop was stolen so, I'm installing a tower....I still have the 'titan one dongle' and even a saved show file but, I cant seem to get the same correct virtual console to load.

I've installed the titan PC suites software....lots of stuff in that but, here's the question. does the 'titan one' virtual console come in a different download??? doesn't appear to be in the software I loaded......

seriously, thanks guys for any help...

Windows 7 ultimate

Re: Soundguy ha ha

Posted: 23 Apr 2019, 18:40
by niclights
You either need Titan Simulator or TitanOne both of which are installed as part of Titan PC Suite. Both options should appear in the start menu under Avolites. If you want to output to fixtures and have the dongle connected you should use TitanOne. If you do not have the dongle connected you can use TItan Simulator which will open with a splash screen where you can select the console type you wish to simulate including TitanOne.

Re: Soundguy ha ha

Posted: 23 Apr 2019, 18:55
by TK007
So, when I open the load console section....yes I see the titan one option but, when I select 'load console'. all I get is a picture of the dongle. no actual console on the screen....PS. there are many virtual consoles I can load but, none are the correct one....i.e Saphire and such....

Hey, really appreciate ur help...

Re: Soundguy ha ha

Posted: 23 Apr 2019, 21:23
by Gregory
You may be attempting to change the setting in the Virtual Panel application, this you should not require for TitanOne as all the buttons and faders are part of the main software (for other consoles you need a virtual version of the physical hardware).

If you want to run with the physical TitanOne dongle connected to the computer, then please run the red TitanOne shortcut from the start menu.

If you want to run in offline/simulator mode without the dongle then run the green Titan Simulator shortcut. When running Titan Simulator you will be presented with options for which console type to simulate, you should select the T1 icon in the bottom right: