V10 Question: Resume Keyframe shape after blocking

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V10 Question: Resume Keyframe shape after blocking

Postby htevents » 22 Feb 2019, 15:34

Hello all,

I have a keyframe shape containing dimmer @full for my moving heads. In a single run chase I have the following: cue 1: fixed position (block all shapes), mh gobo open, mh dimmer @full and white colour. Cue 2: mh dimmer @0, a keyframe shape with mh dimmer @0 and block all shapes.
It will have the following effect: from whatever position, movement, colour and gobo the mh''s do, when activating the chase all mh''s will point at the audience in white and no gobo and will crossfade to dim@0. At the playback options I have select everything at the release mask, but the cue with the dim@full keyframe shape will not return active/the dimmers of the mh''s stay at zero.

I know I can update to V11 (I have found a way to create that effect on my own pc with V11, but with a different method, not availeble in V10), but the " desk" I have to program this for is still on V10 and they don''t want to update (yet) because of their Osimidi license for a midi controller....

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