Windows (Channel Grid, Others) Not Updating

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Windows (Channel Grid, Others) Not Updating

Postby LewnWorx » 09 Jun 2017, 16:27

Titan 1, v 1.10 under Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit.
Passmark 2470 overall, decently above recommended specs in all areas.

Few Questions:

Stuff not updating

So what I'm seeing is things like channel grid, and cue data not updating with changes. I'm having to close and reopen the window for the values to refresh.

I'm thinking this shouldn't be the expect behavior.

Once I close and reopen the channel grid, and then modify values it will update for a while then at some point stops doing so.

Closing and reopening the window will fix it for a while but after various operations (and I haven't empirically nailed down exactly which operation it is) it will then stop updating.

Seeing similar issues with things like selected groups not updating.

Second question:

Align Fixtures and Position Palettes

When using align fixtures (adding another fixture to a cue), is the normal process:

Include (select cue) to put it in the programmer.
Select fixture(s) to copy data to
Hit Align Fixtures
Select fixture(s) to copy data from
Hit Align again

While that's working I'm wondering if you have to do the include thing first.
Also, when doing so it copies the actual pan/tilt value over to the "new" fixture(s).
Shouldn't it be pulling the palette reference as opposed to the literal PT value?

In this example I was building a series of "solo" cues for each of the band positions.
I'd built a series of palettes for each band position with every fixture focused on that position.

Then I was selecting the "solo" fixtures, setting the various values, and storing that as a cue, and to do the next one was copying that cue, selecting the fixtures in the cue and calling the PT Palette for the position in question, then adding the new fixtures that were appropriate for the solo of the position in question and aligning those to one of the fixtures from the previous solo loaded in the programmer via the include. I'd then save that as the new solo, set the legend, and then go delete the unnecessary fixtures from the previous cue. I was sort of expecting it to reference the Position Palette when doing the align.

Set Legend Oddities

I'm not sure how I've gotten it into this mode, but it's happened a few times and I'm not sure how it got there and how to make it stop.

What I'm seeing is when I hit set legend at some point it keeps remembering the text used previously. So I go to create a new cue someplace, and the legend auto populates with the text from the previous time I created a cue. While at times that might be useful, at other times it's troublesome as you end up with multiple cues with the exact same name if you aren't paying close attention.

Couldn't find anything easily in the manual to explain this behavior.

If there's a better / more efficient way of approaching any of this, I'm all ears.


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Re: Align Fixtures and Position Palettes

Postby Gregory » 09 Jun 2017, 17:08

Align works on the current attribute values of a fixture e.g. what is in the programmer, so therefore you will need to include the values so that they are in the programmer before the align function can do anything with them.

In the Align menu softkey F determines whether it is the palette reference which is aligned (Palette Reference Maintained) or it is the underlying value (Palette Reference Lost). As the former uses the value from the palette it is possible that after aligning the new fixture is not at the same value as the original.

Depending on how complicated the look is you may find it easier to select the additional fixtures, use the position palette which you have already updated and merge this into the cue (Record and press cue button twice).
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Re: Windows (Channel Grid, Others) Not Updating

Postby LewnWorx » 09 Jun 2017, 20:57

Ok will try that.

Hardware just got here so will see if the channel grid and other stuff not updating continues now that I'm not running simulator.

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